PF to introduce another tax onto motorists

PF to introduce another tax onto motorists

PF leadership under Edgar Lungu is scheming to introduce another tax on motorists to be called the local authority tax which shall be paid quarterly by every motorist. This will become the fifth form of taxation on motorists, after the fuel levy, toll gate fee, road tax, carbon emission tax, and parking fee for those whose vehicles are parked in the Central Business District – CBD of nearly every town.

Sources at State house have disclosed that Lungu, while drinking beer with his inner circle met on Tuesday evening and mooted the idea as a way of funding the local authorities and the councillors’ recently increased allowances of K3,000 across board.

It was resolved that before any vehicle gets a fitness certificate from the Road Transport and Safety Agency there shall be a local authority tax which shall be paid to a local authority in which a motorist lives and they shall be given a disc to display on the screen of the vehicle.

To this effect, the minister of local government Vincent Mwale will soon be asked to sign a statutory instrument to empower local authorities to be collecting the same tax which they wanted effected in April but changed mind fearing that it would raise an outcry from the general public. The tax may be introduced in the second quarter meaning effective July 2017 motorists will have to cough some more money to drive on the PF roads.

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