PF to loot govt vehicles

Editor ,

In the pretext to prove prudence, the desperate and failed PF government is scheming to sell off most of the government vehicles to government officials. Most of the subject vehicles are fairly new with some less than a year old which cost more than USD200,000 like VXs. As looting is synonymous with PF, most of these vehicles bought with public funds shall be sold off for a song…some as low as K20,000.

Since genetically the PF government is a destructive one, it shall proceed without shame as most of the beneficiaries are PF cadres in government.

Basically Out Going President, ECL, is knowingly committing another looting avenue for his shameless catastrophic followers amidst poverty and closure of high institutions of learning. The PF government has a high affinity to wastage. They plan to steal and use the vehicles for the upcoming campaigns so that they claim that they are not using government vehicles.

This twist can only be expedited by an uncaring out going government whose aim is to further ground the economy.


If we look at the loss we are incurring in perspective as a country, then you would realize how wasteful our Lungu is.

If one car costs USD200,000 then in Kwacha we are talking about K2,000,000 (or K2billion unrebased).

If we have 100 cars in question then we are talking about K200,000,000 or (K200billion unrebased).

If we sell all the 100 cars at as low as K20,000 each then we will make a total of K2,000,000…the exact cost of one car only!!

The loss to the country is therefore pegged at K198,000,000.

Some of you might think this is small but if a Student gets K3,000 a term, then this figure would carter for 66,000 Students…but we have less than 20,000 students on government sponsorship.


For 3 terms, the government would need about K180,000,000…so the loss we are incurring as a nation just on these cars can manage to pay for students meal allowances with some change remaining to build a brand new rural health center. But all this looting is being done for the sake of a selfish few.



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