PF to make fake amendments to Public order Act

In a clear sign of fooling Zambians, the outgoing Patriotic Front government is to table an amendment bill to the Public Order Act in the last sitting of Parliament that resumes today April 12, 2016.

Ministry of Justice officials say the amendment bill will seek to replace notice to the Police for an outdoor gathering from seven days to five days.
The source said it was a mockery to Zambians and the opposition in particular because the amendment will mean nothing as the Electoral Act will kick after dissolution of parliament less than a month away.

“They are trying to fool people especially the opposition that they are concerned with fairness during elections campaign and that is why the want to table the amendment now. What they do not know is that no one needs the POA after Parliament is dissolved. Everyone will be free to campaign at will,” the source said.

The source said the POA amendment bill i one of the 46 Bills government intended to table in the last sitting of parliament so as to delay its dissolution so that the PF can continue abusing the Public Order Act to campaign while the opposition is denied.

However, the new constitution stipulates that Parliament automatically dissolves itself three months before general elections. Parliament will dissolve on May 11, 2016 which is twenty nine days from today.

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