PF to pick current deputy mayor Chilando as candidate

PF to pick  current deputy mayor Chilando as candidate

The PF regime is likely to pick current Lusaka Deputy Mayor Chilando Chitangala as their candidate for mayor.

The PF has attracted about 30 applications from questionable characters some of them former presidential candidates. Some like Fisho Mwale were mayors of Lusaka 25 years ago. Others joined the PF the same day they applied to be adopted their by exposition their true and only intention: power.

Given the low calibre of most applicants, the PF will most likely pick Chilando though she is equally dirty. But that is not a problem in Zambia now. As a kleptocracy, it’s criminals and prostitutes that are given priority over decent leaders.

is using forged educational qualifications, a reliable source speaking on condition of anonymity has revealed.

Chilando is currently using forged educational ‘qualifications’. She forged the original documents of her father by superimposing her name on his papers with the help of a computer graphic technologist.

We will soon show you more skeletons from Chilando’s wardrobe.

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