PF to sell impounded vehicles within month

The Patriotic Front regime will now sell all motor vehicles that remain in the custody of the Road Transport and Safety Agency parking yards after being impounded within the period of 30 days.

Brain Mushimba has signed a statutory Instrument 91 that will empower the RTSA and Zambia Police to sell all impounded vehicles by public auction it is not claimed by the owner within thirty days from the date of impounding of the vehicle.

The agency will sell impounded vehicles and the proceeds of sale, after deducting the fine and other costs incidental to the storage and disposal of the cars will be paid to the owner.

The agency is claiming that RTSA impound yards are currently full of impounded vehicles which the owners have failed to collect.

Here is the summary of Statutory Instruments signed by Brian Mushimba in 3 months.

1. Statutory Instrument No. 78 of 2016 PSV Global Positioning System (GPS) regulations.

2. Statutory Instrument No. 80 OF 2016 Driving Hours regulations.

3. Statutory Instrument No. 91 of 2016 Disposal of Impounded vehicles regulations.

4. Statutory Instrument No. 79 Seat Beat and Child Car Seat regulations 2016

5. Statutory Instrument No. 81 of 2016 Removal of Vehicles regulations 2016.

6. Statutory Instrument No. 83 of 2016 City of Ndola Prohibition of Traffic Regulations 2016

7. Statutory Instrument No. 82 of 2016 Public Service Vehicles Exemption from Registration and Licensing Regulations 2016.

8. Statutory Instrument No. 87 of 2016 Obligatory Test Certificate Regulations 2016.

9. Statutory Instrument No. 88 of 2016 Obligatory Test Certificate Exemption Regulations 2016

10. Statutory Instrument No. 89 of 2016 Protective Helmets Regulations 2016.

11. Statutory Instrument No. 92 of 2016 Prohibition of Loading and Offloading in Kabwe Municipality Regulations 2016.

12. Statutory Instrument No. 90 of 2016 Speed Limits Regulations 2016.

13. Statutory Instrument No. of 2016 Public Service Vehicles Restriction on Night Driving Regulation 2016.

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