PF to switch off phones during voting, counting

I have received latest serious information on the rigging plans of the PF, pre-marked ballots arrived sometime back in the country. They have targeted 10 constituencies in southern province one of them being sinazongwe, in Lusaka it is Kafue, chongwe, chilanga, Rumfunsa and other parts of Zambia. In executing their schemes, they intend to introduce bomb scares at polling stations and scare away people to afford them an opportunity of exchange pre-marked ballot boxes containing majority votes of Lungu. These boxes are already in the country with duplicate serial numbers on them, while in other areas criminals that were released from prison will be dressed in UPND clothes and these will resort to beating and killing people to cause further confusion so as to accuse UPND of violence and subsequently calling for a state of emergence, to counter PVT they will ensure that all cell phones service providers will switch off already Airtel has started sending text messages to its customers that Air-tel will be out of service from the 11th to 12th of August. They will also swicth off power. These are the plans that PF and ECZ intend to execute to manage the rigging of the elections.

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