PF to take away even little money from Mufulira miners

Please ba Watchdog hide my id.
Bashi Tasila and his PF government are desperately bankrupt such that they have decided to tax Miners money which Mopani Copper Mines felt compelled to give to miners who stopped work recently on voluntary. Most miners about 50% never got their dues because of stanbic loans.

A petition to the President was written through Kantanshi MP so that he can intervene because Stanbic bank calculations of the loans were questionable and he promised to do so but only to come to wine and dine when he come here.Miners are angry and frustrated at the PF govt and i can assure Lungu that tapali ichakwe in Mufulra.

One miner in Mufulira has even committed suicide because he got zero since he was expecting that he will remain with something after loan deductions. Please Ba watchdog assist to investigate ba Stanbic. Despite pipo paying for two year they still deducted as if one has just gotten the loan.

Miners expected him to come and intervene in Stanbic saga which he didnt but want now to tax the 18000 subside from Mopani at 35%. Wat a governt are u? Sata is turning in his grave but be assured no vote for u in Copperbelt@

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