PF to take guns to Southern Province


We have left the mobile numbers just incase you want to contact these people.

[12:52pm, 14/02/2016] +260 97 8981187: [14/02 07:27] +260 96 1984282: In monze town it was okay, but We were stoned along the way. But got police escort, Dc monze ‘s driver window was smashed, and a mini bus not sure from which district. Bane we should intimidate these guys in southern more, pantu to be honest we have lost the grip of Copperbelt, it’s now a UPND ground the best is for us to terrorise southern, pantu UPND taishile bwino, you can see when HH just drives through a town it’s like a rally what more if they are given a permit.

[14/02 07:29] +260 96 1984282: Complaints from other members from Choma on their way back from Namwala to interact with Kateka.


[14/02 07:29] +260 96 1984282: The only town which harbours uncivil thugs type of UPND Political members.

[14/02 07:29] +260 96 1984282: The police command in southern province receive a lot of hand outs from upnd snr officials…its like they are loyal to upnd …because just opening up a simple assault docate is impossible wat more political violence if we in the rulling party are being attacked from all over by known pipo and they walk freely. ..who then will leave their homes to go and get attacked…personal car broken. .


[14/02 07:31] +260 96 1984282: Our boy who was beaten was released from the hospital ati thers no doctor to see him…wats that…

[14/02 07:32] +260 96 1984282: So at end of day yesterday. real docket was opened for jeena and no medical report signed

[14/02 07:34] +260 96 1984282: ADMINS, can we be heard once and for all please? We are being beaten, life threatened in Southern Province amidst civil servants practice of deliberate red tapes,

[14/02 07:45] +260 96 6812693: If southern province is left unchecked there will be xenophobia attacks on other tribes.tribalism and bitterness has gone so much deep in the blood of these pipo.

[14/02 08:01] +260 96 1984282: Admins, convey message to CIA, this was a Political violence which should be tackled forthwith. Ignoring it will be spelling doom in that Province and how are we going to free campaign for PF with this 50+1 thing. This is the reason we get mockery votes because our people are intimidated, hence a few go out to work for the Party, a Ruling Party, a Party in govt.







[14/02 08:23] +260 96 1984282: 50+1 is no a joke. Southern Province has close to a million votes. Depending how we respond to the violence complaints from our people, we will end up crying that in SP people don’t want us, when the many brave members are assaulted, suffer humiliation as a result of being PF, wearing PF regalia and we WATCHING.

[14/02 09:03] +260 97 7510325: All the younger people from s province have formed a very ströng whasp from Abroad and at home supporting HH MOST of them are Economics

[12:53pm, 14/02/2016] +260 97 8981187: What can be done so that this nonsense is brought to an end?

[12:55pm, 14/02/2016] +260 97 7510325: I second we ask the IG to allow all PF members to be moving with our own Pistols in southern province. We should huck who ever is puting on a UPND regalia to death, I told Fr Bwalya to allocate money for those who don’t have guns. we should send 25mens to Mazabuka, Monze and Choma respectvly the lodge bookings can be done through our Chair. Let this be on row now.

[12:56pm, 14/02/2016] +260 977 225303 Am in Kitwe now just finished organising Jerabols and like I told you yesterday I need 2 buses that will ferry guys from kitwe to southern province and the issue of guns we ored bought from SA Fr bwalya is aware about that.

[12:58pm, 14/02/2016] +260 97 7510325: noted brother Max I will talk to him when I reach home. Bane ifintu tafili bwino, if we late UPND loose they will hit us badly, let us not cheat ourselves, maybe 70% of Copperbelt now is UPND due to economic hardships, we need to intimidate them through violence.

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