PF to take over LAZ this monthend

Current LAZ president Linda Kasonde

Five PF lawyers led by Kelvin Bwalya Fube (KBF) have petitioned the Law Association of Zambia to call for an extra-ordinary general meeting at which they wish to pass a vote of no confidence in the entire 16-member LAZ Council.

And LAZ, through its honorary secretary Sashi Nchito Kateka has set Saturday April 29, 2017 as date for the meeting to allow debate for the removal of the current executive.

According to petitioners: Fube, Tutwa Ngulube, Robson Malipenga, Terrence Mwape Chabu and Kondwani Musukwa, the LAZ Council has failed to discharge its mandate.

The PF lawyers claim that the LAZ Council was wrong to appoint Musa Mwenye to Act on behalf of Nchima Nchito in a matter where Nchito has been charged with impersonation and that LAZ was wrong to join the High Court Case involving the liquidation of The Post Newspapers Ltd.

The PF lawyers also say the current LAZ supports the opposition and not the PF and that LAZ refused to support the ill-fated referendum on the bill of rights.

In response to the petitioner’s proposal, LAZ has allowed the extra ordinary general meeting to be held at Radisson Blu next Saturday.
“It is hereby given that an extra ordinary general meeting of the members of the Law Association of Zambia will be held on Saturday, 29th April 2017 at Radisson Blu Hotel in the ball room, Lusaka at 08:00 hours.

With money from the PF, be assured that LAZ has been hijacked. It will now be another PF extension.


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    KwaBulozi 10 months

    Tutwa Ngulube and Kondwani Musukwa – Umodzi Kumawa Made in Malawi using useful idiots like Kelvin Bwalya Fube. Umodzi Kumawa Made in Malawi churches now lawyers. Zambia the Real Africa.

    Does Fube think Edgar and Rupiah Banda will anoint him successor?

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    kafula 10 months

    It will not work. Lawyers are not collective fools. Lets wait for Saturday.

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    These Chagwa /Bwezani marriage tactics will backfire and people involved will one day dance pweteke. God is watching. Political power is never permanent.

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    olipa 10 months

    I have never known a successful Tonga lawyer. Look at HH team of lawyers and how they bungle cases for their client.

    • comment-avatar
      Siwale 10 months

      Too bad for you,its time you expanded your circles and read more often.

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      Mpongo Muleya 10 months

      You must be a young idiot. Do names like Edward Shamwana (MHSRIP), Muna Ndulo Chaloka Beyani mean anything to you. Continue with you Changwa arrogance.

      • comment-avatar
        YALUBA 10 months

        There you go…….about these Tongas. Why was shamwana locked up by KK??? tell me. Was it not TREASON?

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    vuyo 10 months

    LAZ was finished the time it became partisan (the minute it became a UPND branch).
    so nothing to lose as it was lost long then

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    Mpongo Muleya 10 months

    Only a failed lawyer like Kelvin Bwalya Fube who has never achieved anything on his own would wish to use a failed organization like PF to achieve anything. We are following such events and observing how ECL and RB are killing national institutions.

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    dimitri 10 months


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    Curt 10 months

    Pure tyranny techniques…. god is watching you