PF to use gassing of citizens to arrest HH

PF to use gassing of citizens to arrest HH

We want to use the gassing to arrest HH for Treason within a week

Home Affairs Minister Stephen Kampyongo and Lusaka Province Minister Bowman Lusamboare working overtime to link HH to the gassing across the country and to a Mr Ngalande, a gentleman arrested in January for treason. Bowman Lusambo has told the IG that this gassing was allowed in order to use it to arrest HH and must be allowed to continue. Instructions have been issued to the police not to deal with the matter directly so that citizens can be frustrated and riot.

So far 14 people have been arrested but not one charged because the police have no evidence. The arrests are meant to make the public think the police are dealing with the situation. A number of people including criminals unrelated to the gassing have been killed but police have been instructed to link all such killing to the gassing.

The plot by the PF is designed to get HH arrested. The PF has paid a so-called Justine Kumwenda a fake journalist k200,000 to claim that he unveiled information through undercover journalism that connects one of the suspects arrested in connection with the gas attacks that are spreading across the country to a political hand orchestrating the criminal activities. The PF has instructed this so-called Justin Kumwenda to create a fictitious suspect identified using a fake street name called Sniper and then use this so-called Sniper to claim that the UPND recruited him and many others around the country through Ngalande. Ngalande is currently in police custody and appeared in court this January facing charges of treason for planning to assassinate President Edgar Lungu and other senior government leaders.

Instructions have been issued to the IG to use this fake Sniper, who the PF claim was arrested alongside 10 other suspects on the Copperbelt and to point out that UPND as the main funders of the whole operation. A statement has been prepared to state “Ba Ngalande batwebele ati tulingile ukubika ichintinya muchalo pakutila abantu bavunduke bemine ubuteko (Mr Ngalande told us the whole idea is to frighten the nation and put fear in citizens so that they rise against government).” Kapyongo has also demanded that the strategy include a claim by Ngalande that they were trained at different locations including a farm said to belong to Mr Hichilema in chibombo.

A statement was drafted by the PF stating that “Balitulanga ifyakubomfya ama chemical yakufentesha umuntu elyo nemfuti. (We were shown how to use chemicals that make people faint and how to use guns).” the guns were supposed to be delivered by Mr Ngalande as part of the operation soon as the nation rises against the state. The PF want to also link the so-called $1.6 million that the state claims Mr Ngalande secured to HH. The PF want to get Mr Ngalande to claim that he was funded by HH to overthrow the state. The main aim of the strategy is to have HH arrested for treason then have him

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