PF to use gassing of citizens to arrest HH

PF to use gassing of citizens to arrest HH

We want to use the gassing to arrest HH for Treason within a week

Home Affairs Minister Stephen Kampyongo and Lusaka Province Minister Bowman Lusamboare working overtime to link HH to the gassing across the country and to a Mr Ngalande, a gentleman arrested in January for treason. Bowman Lusambo has told the IG that this gassing was allowed in order to use it to arrest HH and must be allowed to continue. Instructions have been issued to the police not to deal with the matter directly so that citizens can be frustrated and riot.

So far 14 people have been arrested but not one charged because the police have no evidence. The arrests are meant to make the public think the police are dealing with the situation. A number of people including criminals unrelated to the gassing have been killed but police have been instructed to link all such killing to the gassing.

The plot by the PF is designed to get HH arrested. The PF has paid a so-called Justine Kumwenda a fake journalist k200,000 to claim that he unveiled information through undercover journalism that connects one of the suspects arrested in connection with the gas attacks that are spreading across the country to a political hand orchestrating the criminal activities. The PF has instructed this so-called Justin Kumwenda to create a fictitious suspect identified using a fake street name called Sniper and then use this so-called Sniper to claim that the UPND recruited him and many others around the country through Ngalande. Ngalande is currently in police custody and appeared in court this January facing charges of treason for planning to assassinate President Edgar Lungu and other senior government leaders.

Instructions have been issued to the IG to use this fake Sniper, who the PF claim was arrested alongside 10 other suspects on the Copperbelt and to point out that UPND as the main funders of the whole operation. A statement has been prepared to state “Ba Ngalande batwebele ati tulingile ukubika ichintinya muchalo pakutila abantu bavunduke bemine ubuteko (Mr Ngalande told us the whole idea is to frighten the nation and put fear in citizens so that they rise against government).” Kapyongo has also demanded that the strategy include a claim by Ngalande that they were trained at different locations including a farm said to belong to Mr Hichilema in chibombo.

A statement was drafted by the PF stating that “Balitulanga ifyakubomfya ama chemical yakufentesha umuntu elyo nemfuti. (We were shown how to use chemicals that make people faint and how to use guns).” the guns were supposed to be delivered by Mr Ngalande as part of the operation soon as the nation rises against the state. The PF want to also link the so-called $1.6 million that the state claims Mr Ngalande secured to HH. The PF want to get Mr Ngalande to claim that he was funded by HH to overthrow the state. The main aim of the strategy is to have HH arrested for treason then have him

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    Does is mean rituals killing and gassing moves in stages like chain of production? what is its advantages and disadvantages to producers suppliers deliverer buyers and consumers? could it be death,for one to enjoy. Everyone want to enjoy this life nobody want to die citizens want to exercise their freedom of expression right to speech is it ok for the public to remain silent when bad thing or good thing happen am asking what are the limitations and rules of the social Media to the public what is the level of a citizen to exercise freedom and rights I respect the rule of law but at the same time am afraid something bad might happen am just concerned of my life the world have turned God with us.

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    Draw Parallels 2 weeks ago

    OUTSPOKEN Norton legislator Temba Mliswa has warned marauding machete wielding gangs that have caused massive terror through murder, rape, robbery and other forms of anarchy in parts of the country’s mining areas could work against President Emmerson Mnangagwa and his Zanu-PF’s ambitions to remain the country’s governing authority.
    He was speaking at the Information for Development (IDT) panel discussion forum at Sapes Trust in Harare on: “The Machete Militia: Origins, Responses and Implications.”
    Mliswa said the gangs have morphed into a strong, rogue unit which enjoyed tacit army backing.
    “These criminals are now working with law enforcement agents but the truth of the matter which you can take is that these guys will take them (Mnangagwa and Zanu-PF) out of power, remember this day,” said Mliswa.
    “They have gone too far, they (senior Zanu-PF politicians) feel that they are helping them but they are doing more harm to the people of Zimbabwe.
    “The people of Zimbabwe have a tendency to keep quiet, they have the patience to keep quiet for five years, when they vote and that is when they speak.”
    Mliswa also questioned the government’s sincerity in dealing with the menace and implicated senior officials in Zanu-PF, army and police for bankrolling the terror gangs.
    “He whoever controls gold, controls politics; the military is involved, the police is involved. Operation Restore Legacy happened and after that happened have we gone back to the institutions we were working with or we now have a situation where we have one institution in charge and that institution is the military at the end of the day?
    “The police itself is weak because (Operation) Restore Legacy exposed the police, Central Intelligence Organisation (CIO). We say that you are weak. We (Zimbabwe Defence Forces) are the people that have brought this new dispensation (and) as a result, we are in control’.
    He said it was time that senior politicians including ministers and the State security agents became honest.
    “It is about time we are honest, but if the army then becomes so involved in people being killed, in situations where the law enforcement agents who arrest like the police cannot do their job then we need to ask, who is control?”
    A police operation to flush out the Mashurugwi has netted hundreds of suspected members.
    However, allegations continue swirling that senior Zanu-PF politicians, army generals and the police are protecting the armed gangs.
    The MDC has also pointed fingers at Mnangagwa, Minister of State Security Owen Ncube, Minister of Justice Ziyambi Ziyambi and Local Government Minister July Moyo and Zanu-PF MP Dexter Nduna as being behind the terror groups.
    “I have listened to our colleagues in Zanu-PF at a high level, nobody; none of them has condemned the crisis we have in the country of organised, commanded, initiated from the top violence, which is challenging to the security of persons,” Chamisa said last month.
    “If we don’t stand up together as a people to defend ourselves, we will go the Rwanda way. We have soft genocide taking place,” he said referring to the 1994 Rwandan genocide in which over 800 00 people were massacred.
    The IDT public forum was also attended by MDC Mbizo MP Settlement Chikwinya and Charles Masunungure from the National Peace and Reconciliation Commission (NPRC) who were part of the panellists.

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    Draw Parallels 2 weeks ago

    Wake-up, Malawians have woken up protesters have shut down offices of the Malawi Electoral Commission (MEC) in 10 districts in an attempt to force all commissioners to resign.
    The move comes 10 days after the Constitutional Court nullified last May’s presidential elections because of “widespread” irregularities and ordered new elections. But commissioners have appealed the ruling and are refusing to step down.
    In Blantyre, protesters used steel-iron chains and huge locks to seal the gate of the main entrance to MEC headquarters.
    “What we are trying to mean here is that no one should get here as long as they are not resigning. All we need is [for MEC chairperson] Jane Ansah to resign and now we have included all the commissioners of the MEC because they have proven to be incompetent. We need people to have the competence,” said Masauko Thawe, the southern region coordinator for the Human Rights Defenders Coalition (HRDC), which organized the protests.
    The Constitutional Court said the irregularities showed the MEC’s incompetence in handling the presidential elections and ordered new elections in 150 days.
    This week, members of parliament questioned the election commissioners at a public hearing to determine if they are capable of running a new poll.
    Protesters carry a chain to be used to shut the Malawi Electoral Commission office in Blantyre, Malawi on February 13, 2020.
    The commissioners, including chairperson Ansah, dismissed accusations of incompetency.
    Some said they will resign only if the Supreme Court of Appeal faults them, while others said they will not resign at all.

    But HRDC’s Thawe says mechanisms are in place to safeguard the shutdown.

    “We are going to monitor each and every day. You come, you check, you will see people here monitoring. And we are not stopping here.  It’s a continuous demonstration until we see these commissioners including the CEO [Chief Elections Officer] resign,” Thawe said.

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    Muntu 2 weeks ago

    True Christians (I don’t mean polical Fellows), let us unite in prayer asking God to intervene. Let us ask God to pour out his wrath upon all those who are taking poor zambians for a ride. Whether Pf, opposition or private citizens.Those who are abusing their authority, the corrupt and the “gasses” if indeed they are not just Politicians’ stage managed to create an excuse to arrest their sworn political enemy No1. HH.

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    Ntombi 2 weeks ago

    Why is it that the gassing is taking place in PF stronghold? What a coincidence that this came after the issue of Seer 1? The person who now claims to be Christian is behind all this I think. He wants PF supporters to lose confidence and rise against their part. How can UPNDOLA know even how much has been paid to the alleged fake journalist? Problem is that people are schooled and not educated to be able to give a great analysis about a situation. Too bad! Fili ukotuleya. God is still on the throne.

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    Its just a story making don’t be fooled

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    James bond 007 2 weeks ago

    I can’t be suprised with these Ministers from katondo street.
    How do you expect a kaponya to be a minister.

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    Kaunda Mubanga 2 weeks ago

    We have seen such state managed crimes by state Agents in the name of Black Mamba;Zero Option before during the Chiluba rule just to lock up KK.This is the reason why the Police are quiet.

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    Chibokela 2 weeks ago

    Being straight forward and raising some good points. These ritual killings accidents and now gassing, happens every year before elections. The map explains all that is needed to know. It is to be assumed that more crime will be recorded in less developed places, and now develop places as planned by whoever is behind this, However places like Lusaka and parts of the Copperbelt surprise me. I would figure these places would have slightly lower murder rates. Especially Lusaka that is basically a complete city with the head of state. I am also surprised by the murder rates in The Copperbelt. What do people have to kill each other over in Zambia? I don’t think they have a huge drug or gang issue. This is all political and hunger. This year we have had more occurrences of unknown gassing on people and ritual killings than ever, and their geographical spread is mainly attributed to increased unemployment and poverty,” My experience looking at the victims suggests that the abusers are greedy people who want to get rich quick in the name of power, hunger can make people In rural areas, sacrifice their fellows. In urban areas, educated and rich people will look for somebody else’s.”Looming food shortages and famine hitting Zambia’s poorest in the north,east and southern will also feed the demand for sacrificial rituals and gassing. “These are not poor people paying for these rituals, they are the wealthy elite taking advantage of the desperate poor, and using them for their own benefits. Anyone that has brain would ask themselves why it happens only a year before presidential elections. I end here God sees and soon we will be delivered. 

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    benard ngoma 2 weeks ago

    Please lets not waste time on simple issues Government has the capacity to stop these gassing without even pointing others or opposition ,work on the dead economy Zambian are suffering.

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      lwimbo j 1 week ago

      government has no capacity to work on this issue my dear friend that’s why lives have continued being lost.if it was a traffic issue you would have seen traffic and ratsa 24/7 on the road now it is to do with rituals we are seeing police and soildiers on the street. why do we have the association where doctor vongo affiliates to if they can not come and help.why register associations such as these if we cant call on them to interprete the situation mm.its evident this is political and the pf are at the centre stage because they have the machinery to deal with any situation but deliberately have chosen not to use it the more reason why we believe they want to implicate h.h in this stupid issue but there forgetting that just like seer1s story the lord god prevailed and exposed what was hidden.the only fear is that these seer1s client knows there souls are already sold to the devil so they have nothing to loose even if they do another wrong thing.its sad how a person voted for can turn against a voter and use them for rituals.
      why there are no rituals in southern its just a matter of time and language barrier.its difficoult to introduce bemba speaking people or Nyanja, these languages so easy to learn and speak even by a china man who comes today can speak, in southern province without the natives learning of these people within a shortest period of see its high time we started sealing our borders like uk,usa are doing couse comesa has only brought problems in our environments.Most of the ritual killers may not even be Zambian but foregners.

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    Appeal to ECL 2 weeks ago

    The decisions of this Govt amazes me. Yes while we agree that ECL is the most informed person in Zambia today, I would request that we should use the power vested in your hands cautiously, and truthfully, as these are grave matters which if not handled properly can ignite already angry citizens who have been taken for a ride under bad governance in this beautiful country of ours. Don’t silence us to speak out. We mean very well for our country. If you  silence us, you will be denied easy access to intelligent ideas available in the nation today. Divergent views must be truthfully accepted within the ambit of constitutional provisions.