PF told to stop mocking families of slain citizens

PF told to stop mocking families of slain citizens

Fellow countrymen and women, after the murdering of Two (2) law abiding citizens by the police in cold blood, on instructions from the state, the Patriotic Front (PF) regime are now trying to insult our collective intelligence and further injure the conscience of the families, friends and relatives of both Mr. Nsama Nsama and Mr. Joseph Kaunda, by shifting the blame for the premeditated murders onto unknown, non – existence forces.

The culture of extrajudicial killing of citizens by the police, acting on illegal instructions issued by the regime, is not a new phenomenal since the PF ascended to power in 2011.

More than Ten (10) innocent citizens have been shot dead by the police with no justice delivered for their families, including a young boy Frank Mugala, as well as the relentless gassing and killing of citizens in their own homes – no accountability.

What we saw yesterday was nothing but premeditated murder by the police, carried out on instructions of the government, to silence the voices of democracy whatever the cost.

Zambians must not sit and allow PF murderers and operatives to twist the death of Two (2) law abiding citizens for political latitude.

We urge Zambians to resist tyranny and use of unholy propaganda by the PF and its operatives to trivialize the murdering of innocent citizens for political milestone.

Anthony Bwalya
UPND Presidential Spokesperson.
December 24, 2020.

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