PF tries to disown Sata’s concubine

Desperation has rocked the PF following revelations by the Watchdog that ailing dictator Micheal Sata has children with new Lusaka PF district treasurer Matilda Mutale.

An anonymous statement attributed to PF has been circulated to ZNBC, Times, Daily Mail and shockingly enough even Muvi TV is running it as news.

The statement claims that Sata has no children with Matildah because she is 37 years old.

The article we published yesterday was to some extent corroborated by Sata’s daughter Mutale who wrote on her Facebook page that she is the daughter of Sata and Matildah Mutale.

If there is another Matilda Mutale, let her come out and say whether she has also been used by Sata and dumped just like other women.

And what would stop a woman aged 37 from having a 19-year old daughter especially a PF solola?

It’s a pity but understandable that Stella has removed her post on Facebook but she has spoken before at some other places and told everybody that she is Sata’s daughter. See this link where she was speaking at her former college:

Infact she calls herself  ‘princess Cobra’ in her many social interactions.

But, she is very categorical to say that Christine Kaseba is not her mother.

We wish to advise Mfula and Chellah to let the sleeping dogs lie. We know all the women Sata has been sleeping with including Charity Kaande Ngoma. Please don’t tempt us.

Why should it be the PF and not Sata who denies his concubines?

About Muvitv publishing such trash should surprise anyone. Muvi TV editor Costa Mwansa is in the PF committee for media with George Chellah and Chanda Mfula, the so-called media director for PF.

The statement pasted on Facebook and read as news by ZNBC and MUVI TVwas written by Mfula who works in the same office with Wynter Kabimba.

We wish to advise Mfula that if  he has run out of ARVs, he should ask his boss instead of writing about things he does not understand.

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