PF uncaring, Zambia worse than before independence – Sinda elder

PF uncaring, Zambia worse than before independence – Sinda elder



SINDA-BASED freedom fighter Blackwell Phiri says the current economic problems Zambians are going through are more painful than what the country faced before independence.

Phiri, who is also village headman Chopo in chief Kathumba’s area, said it is unfortunate that people are unable to sleep because of the difficulties they are going through, and described the PF government as uncaring.

“Tikanga kugona tulo chifukwa ca mabvuto ya njala ndi kusowa nchito ana athu, tili mumabvuto yakuti nkale lomwe kunalibe chifukwa tsopano tikhalila usauka ndiponso kulibenso thandizo kucokela ku boma popeza tingozikhalila cabe (We are even failing to sleep because of the current problems and our children don’t even have jobs. We are in problems that we did not see many years ago because now we keep suffering and there is no support coming from this government),” Phiri complained.

He recalled that previous governments tried to listen to the concerns of Zambians than the current one which was always deceiving the people.

“Maboma yapita yanaliko bwino chifukwa a tsogoleli amakwanisa kunva madandaulo ndi kucita zomwe tingawauze, koma tsopano kwakula boza yakuti angobwela kuzatinamiza kutilemba maina koma palibe cocitika ai, pepani umoyo midzi ndi wowawisa chifukwa ngakhale mudandaule bwanji palibe cilucitika (Previous governements were better because the leaders used to listen to people’s concerns and complaints and they used to do what we would tell them, but now they are full of lies. They keep lying to us, they write down our names but nothing happens. Life in the villages is becoming very painful because no matter how much you complain, nothing happens),” Phiri, who is in his late 80s, lamented.

He said there was a huge difference between today’s politics and that seen during Dr Kenneth Kaunda’s reign because current politics has been loaded with lies and violence.

“Ndale zatsopano mwakula boza na cipongwe comwe sicibala kanthu yai koma kale ndale zinaliko ndi cilingo copeza thandizo madela mwathu kuti yatukuke, koma zalelo aaa mabvuto ndi kupandana (Today’s politics is full of lies and violence. But previously, politics was sensible and we would find help from politics and our areas used to develop. But today, there are problems; it is about violence),” said Phiri.

And chief Kathumba’s induna, Joseph Phiri, complained that the government didn’t seem to care about their area.

“We are not considered in chief kathumba’s area by the government despite the efforts made by the chief. Go round in all directions, you won’t find even a tower for any mobile network, you won’t find electricity, you won’t find hammermills. Why? The government has taken us as foreigners because we are far from the towns. Capangisa kuti ngakhale kuvota kuti nkwachani chifukwa mabvuto yakulilakulila popanda kuthandizidwa ndi maboma (What’s the point of voting because problems keep growing without any help coming from the government),” Lamented Phiri.


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