PF under Lungu is dump site

P.F is now a leadership DUMPSITE and an ALLIANCE of HEARTLESS and SHAMELESS CRIMINALS who are very ready and geared to harass and kill any objective Zambian who is speaking the truth in the interest of caring for poor Zambians Says Zambia national students union (ZANASU) Think Tank Chairperson Gershom Phiri, Phiri who is also former Copperbelt university student council Chairperson said in an interview, P.F is now a pebble in the shoes of all well-meaning Zambians( he noted) and by 2016 P.F will Vanish like ripe tomatoes consumed at a FUNERAL house, P.F is losing members to FDD and UPND like leaves falling from a tree in a dry season and Donchi kubeba will work against them, it has become a leadership dumpsite ,if you see that is why all corrupt leaders which Zambians rejected in 2011 are back and actively taking part in government decision making to the effect that even people like KAIZA ZULU who Michael Sata fired are close allies of Lungu and the moves you are seeing from all these dirty deals where Lungu has failed to show leadership is directly involved, honestly if all lawyers are like EDGAR LUNGU who do not respect or fear the Law, then we have no lawyers in Zambia, believe me you if SATA was to resurrect he can immediately die of HEART ATTACK because the P.F he left is not the one he can find, Lungu is too strong on weak issues and very weak on Strong issues, honestly speaking and in all fairness when Zambians were voting in the just ended bye elections at least 98% voted for EDGAR LUNGU because impliedly Sata seemed to trust EDGAR LUNGU and people were very much aware that the UPND leader H.H and NAWAKWI EDITH were far better than EDGAR in terms of leadership and administrative qualities, and worse more Lungu confessed that he had no Vision for Zambians but for the sake of MICHEAL SATA, people went ahead and voted for Lungu, some voted for the sake of P.F finishing their term and no one ever believed in Lungu not even Lungu himself, of course 2% thought since he is a lawyer he will use the approach of Mwanawasa to fight corruption which he has failed and he has lost those voters, and those who voted for him because of Sata regret having voted for Lungu to impress Sata who is already dead, right now for the first time in the history of Zambians we have a president who is a chief TRIBALIST, his wako ni wako remarks and failure to discipline DAVIES CHAMA on his tribal remarks against Tonga’s are clear evidence that Lungu is actually very much tribal, CADRES are now very powerful than state police, to the effect that our police officers are now being supervised by CADRES and actually police are now state monuments who cannot act on their own and in good faith, this is because the Judicial system has been destroyed by Lungu with his allies, criminals are always being pardoned and cleared by the courts of law on different grounds, at KAMFINSA state prisons we have people who are lame with very minor cases and worse more in a bad health state + being lame, none of them is being pardoned but people like LIATO and KANENE are very much free right now because they have what to offer to EDGAR, you see we should not take this PEACE we are enjoying as Zambians, worse more ABRAHAM LINKONI confessed that ‘where the LAW is not being followed people take it in their Hands, and Zambians are seeing and witnessing how bad things have become in terms of lawlessness, it’s like Lungu concentrates more on sorting out people he has personal issues with such as GBM and Masebo, the ECONOMY is very much in a mess to the effect that Kwacha is in a free-fall, mines are closing day and night, hospitals running out of medicine, Universities are closing at an expense of reserving jobs for individuals, look at CBU and UNZA and you feel P.F is still STRONG? Then that’s fantasy at its highest level and an empirical evidence of madness, P.F has failed its citizens and all Zambians have seen that voting for p.f is a life threatening mistake. Just look at the approach lungu is using in his governance, and it’s like he is not good at anything (Phiri noted) honestly when you ask lungu what good thing has he done for Zambians?(Phiri wondered) he won’t tell you because so far so bad, so with all these observation i would ask all Zambians to protect this nation by not giving P.F their votes COME 2016,this is because P.F has come to destroy, most of the p.f members don’t care about poor Zambians and yet it’s the same poor Zambians who go and vote, so come 2016 P.F will disappear like faeces which have been eaten by a PIG ( Phiri observed) he lastly said the confidence P.F is showing that they will win 2016 elections next year was witnessed from Banda in 2011.if P.F is a government of majority of Zambians I challenge them to give Zambians a new constitution so that we can eliminate unnecessary monies which go to bye elections, right now we have spent about k250,000,0000 on bye elections, but this will not be the case if we use a new constitution, meaning this money will be used on developmental projects.

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