PF, UPND date Central province this weekend

Two Former pact partners the UPND and PF will this weekend hold different political but campaign rallies ahead of this year’s election in the central province of Zambia.

The UPND and its leader Hakainde Hichilema will be the first former pact partner to be in Kabwe on Friday while the Patriotic Front and its leader Michael Chilufya Sata will trek to Kapiri Mposhi on
Saturday and Sunday holding meetings.
According to the campaign programmes for the once pact partners, the leaders of the two political parties will explain to the people of Kabwe and Kapiri Mposhi at different meetings what led to the failure
of the PF/UPND pact and what the way forward is for Zambia.
Douglas Siakalima who is special adviser to UPND president Hichilema says the political rally his party will hold in Kabwe is a turning point of the created perception of UPND being a tribal organization.
Siakalima says UPND will tell the people why they decided to leave Sata and the PF at a time when Zambians wanted a stronger opposition to defeat the ruling and corrupt MMD.
Siakalima also says his party will explain how strong and popular it has become since backing off from the PF/UPND pact a few months ago.
“This time around we want to tell the people of central province about UPND and its economic programme, the issues of the pact and why it failed. Yes a lot of things have been said about the pact and what we
want to tell the people of Kabwe is that Zambians must seek for real change and that real change must come with a responsible leadership in Hichilema,” said Siakalima.
On the other hand in Kapiri Mposhi on Saturday and Kabwe on Sunday the PF leader Sata, will battle it out by explaining to the people issues of homosexuality which has entangled his campaign trails.
Given Lubinda says the PF is the only strong opposition political party with a national programme to benefit all the people under the leadership of Sata.
Lubinda adds that the PF is not worried about the cooked up stories by desperate but disoriented political mercenaries accusing Sata of promising some donors laws that supports and promotes homosexuality.
“The PF is forming government this year and we are not worried about these things desperate people are saying, the people of Zambia will vindicate Sata, we are going to Kabwe and Kapiri Mposhi to talk to our
people on what the PF government has in stock for this nation, we are not going to run this nation on tribal lines or regional basis, we want all the people to benefit equally from the wealth of the nation,”
said Lubinda.
This will be the first time PF and UPND seen campaigning against each other in the same province since the collapse of the pact.


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