PF-UPND pact is and will remain intact – HH

This pictorial joke has been circulating on the Internet forthe past few days. It shows PF leader Michael Sata taking an under five child HH to the clinic

UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema on Friday said the PF-UPND pact is and will remain intact because it is driven by Zambians who are interested in seeing positive change.

And Hichilema has challenged Vice-President George Kunda to avoid issuing unwarranted attacks on him and concentrate on addressing various challenges people were facing.

In an interview, Hichilema said the squabbles the pact was facing should not worry the general public because it was clear from the onset that squabbles would be part of the establishment of the pact.

He said the pact was still strong because Zambians who were calling for change had strong conviction that it was the only way to remove the corrupt MMD government.

Hichilema said the hope of many Zambians was that despite the squabbles that the pact was facing, it would turn out to be a strong force that would defeat the MMD in elections and provide the much needed leadership.

“When we started the pact it was clear that squabbles will be there because we have different values and many things need to be reconciled but we came together to fight the common enemy which is the MMD. As far as I’ am concerned the pact is intact and it will remain like that,” Hichilema said.

He said there was need for members of the PF-UPND pact to use the existing structures in the alliance to address their grievances in the interest of the pact.

Hichilema said members of both the PF and the UPND must demonstrate maturity and prove to the public that they were ready to form alternative government.

He added that youths throughout the country were also expected to join the campaign for positive change in the governance of the country regardless of the challenges the pact was facing.

And Hichilema said Vice-President Kunda should not be concerned about him but the majority poor in rural areas.

He said he had been on the ground campaigning in Namwala contrary to Vice-President Kunda’s assertions that he (Hichilema) had gone into hiding.

“Tell George Kunda that I am fine and still vibrant. We are in Namwala interacting with the poor. People here are suffering because of the poverty that Geroge Kunda’s government had created. People here want change and it’s the mood everywhere because the MMD have failed this country,” said Hichilema.

Vice-President George Kunda on Wednesday mocked Hichilema saying he had gone into hiding after being expelled from the PF-UPND pact.

Source: Post newspaper

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