PF’s use of naked girls

PF’s use of naked girls

934165_920454801407949_6075499799909557629_n Screen Shot 2016-03-12 at 18.29.39Editor,

I am shocked that the PF has now resorted to using young, innocent girls as sex objects in their desperate campaigns.

It’s a pity that president Edgar Lungu and his partners will use anything including tribalism, violence, lies, corruption and now small girls to try and win elections.

Why should old men like Davies Chama be allowed to surround themselves with girls mutubudula (panties) when they are addressing PF meetings? It’s just pathetic that Lungu, Chama and other immoral grandparents can derive immoral pleasure by ogling at the naked buttocks of their grandchildren. How can the PF be paying these unemployed girls to undress in public and be used as sex objects for Chama and Lungu to feed their eyes on? This is not different from paying girls to strip for you. Where are the women movements? Just look at how uncomfortable the girls are.  They are trying to to hide their faces.

Obviously after parading these girls naked in public, they take them to their rooms to abuse them.

This is disgusting and someone must stop these immoral, dirty minded old men.




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