PF using COVID19 to campaign for 2021

PF using COVID19 to campaign for 2021


The case of the opposition torwards PF Government!
It appears like the disappearance of prime TV from the scene has given birth to complacency in the opposition.

You are becoming cold. The PF Government has taken advantage of the COVID-19 situation, whereby, distributing free mealie meal to their structures while tying the opposition to the rules of COVID-19. They are fully aware that elections are around the corner and there is no way they would go into an election with a weak membership. Time is up!

In case you didnt know, campaign has already started. The opposition needs; aggressiveness, seriousness, vigilance, watchfulness and consistency. Create other platforms of communication. Prime TV may not bounce back this year in fear of the big audiences they influenced. Its very clear that today there is no mention of the opposition on the National Television (ZNBC). I see serious preparedness from the PF on the ground after crippling down all the independent media houses. It was a good plan for them.

Believe me or not, the PF will continue announcing COVID-19 ghost figures to manupilate peoples minds while they campaign up until next year. By the time they open the campaign officially, it will be too late for the opposition and would have finished putting their house in order. Its a question of whether we should carry on with PF in 2021 or not. Obviously with this economy chikashupako!

Unless Seer1 magic can turn around the economy before 2021.

George Sichula
Former Chingola DC

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