PF using ghosts worker to raise money for campaigns


The 2015 Auditor General’s Report has revealed glaring financial irregularities at the Northern Province Administration payroll where 204 ghost workers are still receiving hefty salaries without providing
any service. According to Radio Mano News, as at October last year, the PF government had allowed the fake workers to draw salaries amounting to K 4, 406, 399 without taking any action.
So where is this money going? The answer is simple.
This siphoning of public funds is part of the PF strategy to finance its political campaigns ahead of the general elections in August.
The Auditor General’s report also revealed a financial scandal were two (2) government employees in Northern Province received housing allowance amounting to K 42, 276 when  they were actually accommodated
in government houses.
This is contrary to public service guidelines but Secretary to Cabinet and his minions have turned a blind eye to this day-light theft by their paymasters.
Other anomalies in the 2015 Auditor General’s Report involves 12 public servants who were paid housing allowance beyond their entitlement resulting in government losing over K54, 000.
With the date for elections in the eye-sight, the PF government has adopted desperate appetite for money to bribe as many voters as possible due to their rejection by Zambians for failing to manage the
national resources prudently.

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