PF violence: Now govt closes City market, as Sata cancels Central Committee meeting

The Lusaka City market has now been closed as the brutal and bloody violence between rival ruling PF camps has spread to that area.

And ailing dictator Michael Sata this morning cancelled the PF Central Committee meeting that was scheduled to address the internal wrangles that he has been supporting without any explanation.

Sources say the violence which started in Lusaka’s Chibolya compound is now spreading towards town centre and police don’t know how to react or who to side with between Defence minister Geoffrey Mwamba’s camp and that led by the ‘A’ team Wynter Kabimba sponsored by Post newspaper owner Fred Mmembe.

Sources are reporting PF thugs with axes and pangas chanting kabimba kuyabebele (Kabimba must go) slogans and business in he city is coming to a stand still as most people are living town in panic.

Meanwhile, a senior PF Central Committee member has told the Watchdog that president Sata has abruptly cancelled the PF Central Committee meeting at short notice this morning.

The meeting was scheduled to address Kabimba’s stay in the PF, but sources have again said he (Kabimba) has again won the battle and prevailed on the hostage president by cancelling the meeting without any explanation.

So far some deaths have been recorded over the PF internal wrangles that is slowly threatening the peace of the nation.

The Watchdog will keep updating you on this developing story

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