PF wanted bloody bath in Kanyama – UPND

The opposition UPND says the ruling party sent hooligans and thugs armed with pangas and machetes  to go and butcher its supportes who went for rally in Kanyama.

According to information posted on the UPND Facebook page, the PF sent 3000 hooligans from town centre.

‘We are worried that this country will be lit by selfish individuals very soon. How do one explain the conduct of National Leaders that can arm 3,000 carders with machetes and pangas to go and disperse a rally organized by an oppositions party’, read the statement.

‘If we had not withdrawn from Kanyama today would have been a sad day for Zambia.

‘More than 3,000 Carders Marched from city center to Kanyama without a permit to go and crush UPND members’, read the statement posted around 14 hours.

Another entry on the same page said:

Senior Supre Nyambe the officer commanding over one hundred police officer who have cordoned the venue of the UPND rally in Kanyama has told us that that as far as they are concerned they do not recognize the court order even if it is signed by the Attorney-General. This was after we showed him the signed documents. He says as far as the police is concerned the law that they are following is His Excellency Michael Sata’s law and they will only allow us to go ahead if Sata says so.

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