PF wants coalition govt, deputy ministers to cling to power

PF wants coalition govt, deputy ministers to cling to power


Latest intelligence reports has again shown that the PF and President Edgar Lungu cannot win the next election hence the idea of trying to introduce deputy ministers and a clause requiring a coalition government in the event that no presidential candidate crosses the 50+1 threshold.

Sources say president Lungu wants to cling on to power even by a slender margin as he would be in position to dish out deputy ministerial positions to anyone he would convince to join him in coalition government as the PF will not manage to 50+1 threshold.

What the proposal for a coalition government means is that if in the first round PF gets 49% , UPND gets 48.8%, UPPZ 13%, PAC 11% and MMD 2%, the PF and MMD can form a coalition government. No re-run.

But the PF are trying to deceive Zambians by arguing that avoiding a rerun is a cost serving measure.

Among the key people pushing this project on behalf of PF are Sakwiba Sikota, Felix Mutati, Edith Nawakwi and Highvie Hamududu. This is the group that was assigned to buy NGO leaders and some UPND MPs to go and back the PF National Dialogue Forum and its resolutions aimed at tampering with the constitution. In his wildest dreams, Hamududu thinks he can be running mate to Lungu.

Since when did Lungu and his PF regime start caring about cost serving measures when they are doing the opposite by purchasing private jets with state of the art and other costly ventures.

Lungu has been told in no uncertain terms that he’s losing the coming election to the main opponent the UPND President Hakainde Hichilema.

But the idea is to try and see if they can fidget around the figures so that a worst case scenario where nobody reaches the 50+1 Is achieved.

They can try and steal votes from small political parties, which don’t care about numbers when they are losing.

Then they can go to these same small parties and negotiate to add their votes with a sole purpose of blocking the UPND from forming government. Hence the other proposal to reintroduce deputy ministers which they can then offer these parties in the coalition government.

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