PF wants to surrender VJ to Ugandan dictator Museveni

PF wants to surrender VJ to Ugandan dictator Museveni

The panicking PF has now reached a point where it can surrender its citizens to be harmed by dictators such Yoweri Museveni of Uganda. This is an effort to silence anyone who points the PF’s intention to manipulate the forthcoming elections.

Foreign Affairs Minister Harry  Scarface’  Kalaba claims  Uganda has sent a formal inquiry seeking clarification on a statement attributed to Veteran Politician Vernon Mwaanga that talked about Uganda’s recent elections.

Mwaanga was recently quoted in the media alleging that ballot papers used in the recent general elections in Uganda were pre-marked, a statement that has been proved true by the Supreme Court of Uganda.

Kalaba 'Scarface'

Kalaba ‘Scarface’

According to PF controlled ZNBC, Scarface Kalaba has told reporters in Malawi that his Ministry has received an inquiry from Uganda and that Zambia will cooperate and facilitate the process of inquiry for the benefit of the two nations.

The Minister has also reiterated that Zambian citizens should desist from making comments that will disturb Zambia’s relations with other countries.


He was speaking in an interview with ZNBC News at the Kamuzu international airport in Malawi.

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