PF warns and compares diplomats to animals


Zambia’s ruling party PF has warned and likened diplomats accredited to Zambia as animals.

Kennedy Kamba, chairperson of one the wings of the ruling party warned diplomats of serious consequences if they continue holding consultative meetings with opposition UPND President Hakainde Hichilema.

And PF main Spokesperson Frank Bwalya likened diplomats to animals saying the envoys have nothing to do with the Zambian people.
A huge chunk of the Zambian national budget is met by donors.

But even as Bwalya and Kamba were issuing these unguarded statements on behalf of outgoing president Edgar Lungu, Finance Minister Alexander Chikwanda was parliament increasing the borrowing limit from K60 billion to K160 billion (trillion in old currency). This money will be borrowed from the same diplomats they

Frank Bwalya, a disgraced former Catholic priest praised outgoing President Lungu for being with the people in Eastern Province saying those were the real people to meet as opposed to animals ( diplomats) that cannot be recognised by villagers.

He wrote “These are the voters in Chama and Lundazi. Ask them about the animal called diplomats they will wonder if its also found in Zambia”.

As for Kamba, he was as usual abusing the unpaid ZNBC reporters who gave him a main news slot to denounce the diplomats yet a huge chunk of the PF budget whose resources they are stealing is financed by the same people.

Among the issues discussed between HH and diplomats was the biased media coverage of the opposition political parties, and Kamba and ZNBC were just confirming the same as they could not give a reaction to the UPND in the same story.

The watchdog is informed the attacks on diplomats have been sanctioned by Lungu and foreign affairs minister Harry Kalaba

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