PF: We don’t know Evaristo Mulenga

Patriotic Front (PF) spokesperson Given Lubinda says a person named Evaristo Mulenga is not the PF chairperson for Lusaka province.

Lubinda was quoted by Hot FM radio midday news saying that the PF chairperson for Lusaka is Paul Moonga.

Acording to Lubinda, Moonga has held the position from February this year.

He said Mulenga is just masquerading as a PF member saying he has been paid by the MMD.

Mulenga resigned from PF and joined the ruling Movement for Multiparty Democracy (MMD) on Tuesday In Kasama.

Mulenga announced his resignation from the PF at a rally addressed by President Rupiah Banda at the President’s Park in Kasama this morning.

Mulenga said he has decided to leave the PF because he did not want to be part of an orgnisation that was championing politics of insults and tribalism.

He said he does not regret his resignation from the PF because its leader does not respect the tenets of democracy.

He described Mr. Sata and the PF as vindictive and only bent vengeance and personal vendettas.

He said having known the PF since its inception, he understands all the tactics the party members have been employing to win elections in all parts of the country.

Mr. Mulenga also declared that he would go flat out and ensure that he destroys the PF.

At the same rally, scores of other PF cadres defected from their party to the MMD.

And in welcoming the defectors to the MMD, President Banda appealed to the MMD leadership to ensure that the new members feel welcome to the ruling party.

President Banda said the MMD is a party for the people.

He said the voluntary resignation of prominent members of the PF was an indication that the opposition party was crumbling down.

The President further appealed to members of other political parties to feel free to join the ruling party.

But Lubinda says all the people who are said to have defected are fictitious members of the PF.

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