PF website says ruling party should replace Lungu for 2016 polls

PF website says ruling party should replace Lungu for 2016 polls

Screen Shot 2015-07-14 at 22.14.16A website funded by senior PF officials is urging the PF to replace Edgar Lungu ahead of the 2016 elections.

Tunfweko gave unflinching support to the PF under late Michael Sata and massively supported Edgar Lungu during the presidential by-election.

Tunfweko seems to have changed hearts after Lungu sidelined Sata’s supporters and replaced them with Rupiah Banda’s team.

It seems Tunfweko has switched sides with Zambia Reports which is now shamelessly pro-PF and is actually more PF than Daily Mail and Times of Zambia. But then, Zambia Reports is funded by Rupiah Banda and controlled by his son Henry as editor.

Tunfweko wrote:

‘To be honest, people have started losing confidence at an alarming rate which is not good for the ruling PF. There are too many problems affecting the masses ranging from high cost of doing business, weak Kwacha, CBU impasse and other problems. Instead, our President has prioritized ‘Zungulila World’.

Tunfweko therefore wonders if the ruling Patriotic Front (PF) should consider changing its Presidential Candidate for 2016?

Most of its followers agreed that its time the PF changed the candidate.

‪Martin Kaboto Chilufya for example wrote, the PF needs a new leader who has a vision on how the social and economic factors of this country can be transformed to better the living standards of the Zambians, a leader who can motivate ministers and civil servants to work extra hard so that there is efficiency in government service delivery system.I would put my money on the young and vibrant Hon. Miles Sampa ‘

‪Kellies Kalaba wrote ‘results of voting on wako ni wako is haunting Zambians. We bargained for this and I will advise we continue with EL even after 2016 for more poor economy, loadshedings, high fuel prices and unemployment. tiye nayo Zambians.

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