PF will abuse your good intentions, LAZ, Grand Coalition cautioned

The opposition All People’ Congress (APC) has advised against maneuvers to block the adoption of the new constitution through Parliament.
The APC has cautioned the Grand Coalition on the Campaign for the People Driven Constitution and the Law Association of Zambia (LAZ), who intent to go Court against government’s decision to adopt through Parliament the new constitution, to be wary of the danger of doing so.
APC President Nason Msoni says his party is urging the Grand Coalition and LAZ to be mindful that they will be used as scapegoats by the Patriotic Front Government should they fail to deliver a people driven constitution.
Mr. Msoni has told Qfm News in an interview that this is particularly given the time Court processes in Zambia take to be concluded.
He notes that should the Grand Coalition and LAZ proceed with their planned litigation, it is possible that the 2016 general election will be conducted using the current Constitution which provides for a simple majority for a winning presidential candidate.
Mr. Msoni however notes that this will work in the interest of the ruling Patriotic Front which already has reservations on the 50 plus 1 threshold for a winning presidential candidate.

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