PF will come third in next elections – Simumba

PF will come third in next elections – Simumba

*Kambwili will eat PF structures while Mutati is using PF resources to build MMD,Watch-Trevor Simumba*

Renowned economist and public policy analyst and commentator Trevor Simumba has predicted that the PF will likely come third in the 2021 General Elections.

He predicted that many PF key persons and structures will fall to Kambwili’s National Democratic Congress(NDC).

Simumba says Minister of Finance Felix Mutati was using ruling PF resource, to build and rebuild the MMD while former Minister of Chishimba Kambwili will eat away the soul and fiber of the PF.
He said Mutati has deployed his National Secretary Raphael Nakachinda who is forming party MMD structures and empowering them with resources and smart phones.

And Simumba states that many PF key officials would betray a weakened Edgar Lungu and by 2021 he will be a big balloon with hot air that will burst at Elections like MMD fell in 2011.

Simumba said while the UPND had not lost any ground the PF was marred with internal squabbles and strife and splinter parties might emerge from it.

Below was his comment;

Former Information Minister and NDC leader Chishimba Kambwilli will do what Sata did to the MMD over a number of years.

I remember well that the late MCS had a lot of secret sympathisers within MMD who were double agents and he destroyed MMD from the inside out.

I personally know of many MMD senior members, who were PF right up until 2011!

Today they are the ones in charge of PF.

Unfortunately President Edgar Lungu does not have the political acumen or sophistication to withstand the political pressure that is coming.

Watch how PF structures will start falling like dominoes and mind you even during MCs time PF structures were not as strong as MMD or UPND.

With NDC eating away the structures PF will be weaker at the grassroots.

Increasingly as we get closer to 2021 Edgar Lungu will be isolated within his own party while the MMD of Felix Mutati faction would have completed it’s rebuilding.

MMD Secretary General Raphael Nakachinda is touring the whole of Zambia setting up structures for a full MMD campaign for 2021.

Each provincial exec member and district officials are receiving smart phones. Offices are being refurbished.

If I was ECL I would conduct a thorough reshuffle and change his top advisory team otherwise 2021 will see the demise of the PF.

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