PF will lose Mpika

PF will lose Mpika


I don’t know how we expect to win this election with this advanced level of stupidity in our party! I’ve been in the Patriotic Front from inception and no one can deceive me about the operations of this party. I’m a former PF Councillor & Senior Party Member here in Mpika, but deliberately I decided not to stand in this year’s elections because our future is bleak!

This is not the PF we knew prior to 2015, & truth be told, this party needed to change its name to something else because clearly the operations of PF under Lungu & it’s ‘modern’ leadership is a total antithesis of the PF we founded.

Here’s my contention; we as PF leaders in Mpika were working with candidates who wanted to contest the Mpika Central seat for sometime. We introduced all of them to the people & allowed them to campaign freely & even before the nomination mystification & confusion, we already had names of people that had worked so well on the ground and we would recommend for adoption. These people spent fortunes on mobilizing the party and making sure it was firm on the group. These were using their personal monies, not Government’s nor Party’s!

When adoption time came, none of the people we knew was adopted! I mean NONE of the people we recommended was adopted! Guess who was adopted? One Sylvia Bambala Chalikosa who hails from Lusaka’s Chitulika Village (not the Chitulika in Mpika) & claims to be a niece of the Sata of Lusaka (not of Mpika). She was imposed on the people and she doesn’t know anyone on the ground not even her Councilors. She doesn’t know the geography of Mpika and has to be driven around to know places like a tourist. She doesn’t know any developmental project accomplished in Mpika which she can underscore as she addresses people, she has to be taught literally what PF has done in 5 years.

Initially we were willing to work with her, but after unearthing her insolence, ingratitude in her ignorance & intolerance to divergent views,we have backed off! Lungu will come and campaign for her when he feels better as he’s the one who imposed her in us.

In case the Opposition doesn’t know, Sylvia Bambala Chalikosa is the CURRENT Zambian Ambassador to Namibia. Yes, I said CURRENT! She’s still drawing a salary & allowances as Ambassador & has not resigned from her job; Lungu knows this fact! Currently I can say she’s Zambian Ambassador to Namibia based in Mpika. We will remain in our closets for now, however, may the Opposition continue working hard here in Mpika as the PF is guaranteed of losing this seat!image

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