PF will only win Chama North – Report

PF will only win Chama North – Report

The intelligence has gathered that the ruling party PF is likely to only win Chama North in next week’s parliamentary bye-elections  sending the system in panic and plotting to rig in Livingstone and especially Muchinga.

Mid-next week, people of Chama North, Muchinga in Central province and Livingstone will be voting for new constituency Members of Parliament.

But the Shushus are afraid to tell president Michael Sata of their findings, according to data leaked to the Watchdog.

Sources in the system have revealed that in Muchinga, the PF has no message to sell to the people as the corruption fight rhetoric actually annoys voters. The peoople of Muchinga are likely to give a sympathy vote to the MMD through late MP and vice-pressident George Kunda’ son.

The people of Muchinga are still bitter that their son Kunda was left to die in UTH when he was an outpatient in a proper hospital in South Africa where he was regularly flown to when the MMD was in power. The people of Muchinga beleive that Kunda as former vice-president deserved to be evacuated and that his life would have been spared like it had on several occasions when he fell ill but evacuated.

The other reason that will work against the PF is that when campaigning there, the PF officials could not explain clearly what projects they will implement apart from condemning the MMD, a move that locals see as an insult to George Kunda.

Sources say the system has established that Livingstone is a foregone conclusion that the UPND will win it with a historical landslide.

The system has therefore worked on a mechanism to disrupt the voting in Livingstone and possibly suspend the elections if rigging it fails.

The only chance the PF has is Chama South which the system has defined as very remote and voters easy to cheat because some areas in the constituency can only be reached by the government.

The system is said to be working on method to rig in Livingstone and Muchinga as losing the two elections will send a wrong signal for the new government which is being accused of failing to fulfil even one campaign promise.


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