‘PF will rig the election’

From a senior security official
The opposition UPND seems to have set itself as a leading contender in these elections. Government has been briefed that UPND is likely to win these elections. The only hope is to rig the elections. But how. We want you the watchdog to put an alert to the leading contender HH that he is likely to be treated the Mazoka way not through death but thru rigging. The government wishes to rely on sending limited presidential ballot papers to UPND strong holds to ensure ballot papers run out by lunch. The other way is through the voter replacement cards where only people in town are likely to benefit knowing that the requirement of police reports will defranchise people in rural areas who have no access to police where they can get such reports. They know most farmers won’t vote. The opposition must demand that replacement of cards in rural areas be without police reports. The use of ZAF helicopters to carry ballot papers to talling centres is also been exploited to c which way it can be exploited.
Pls withhold my identity

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