PF will shock MMD in Western province, says Inonge Wina

Opposition Patriotic Front national chairperson Inonge Wina says people doubting the popularity her  party in Western Province will wake up to a rude shock after this year’s tripartite elections when the PF forms government.

Wina claimed that the PF has garnered massive support in the province adding that a number of people realized that only PF leader Michael Sata is capable of giving Zambians alternative leadership.

The PF national chairperson told Qfm that people in Western province will not be deterred from rallying behind the PF by a few individuals whom she described as having failed to take development to the area.

She added that no amount of propaganda will stop the majority of Zambians from changing government in the coming elections.

Wina was reacting to assertions by her brother-in-law Sikota Wina who explained that the opposition party is being fooled by crowds who attended its rallies in Mongu and Senanga because Lozi people are complicated.


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