PF win Chipata and Lukulu elections through Chibesakunda’s boardroom, Dora, Mwale, Sililo barred

In an unprecedented move, the failing ruling PF has now won both Chipata Central and Lukulu West election from the boardroom via a suspicious but not surprising press statement, not court judgment, from ailing dictator president Michael Sata’s auntie acting Chief Justice Lombe Chibesakunda’s office.

In her statement released last evening ahead of today’s nominations in four by-election in Mulobezi, Petauke Central, and Malambo constituencies which she nullified deliberately, Sata’s auntie Mrs. Chibesakunda said an MP whose election has been nullified cannot be allowed to stand, effectively barring Dora Siliya, Hastings Sililo, and Maxwell Mwale and also giving free seats to the ruling PF candidates who were defeated in Lukulu West and Chipata Central where PF’s Lameck Mangani has so far been rejected twice.

The not so surprising statement comes in the wake of the unpopular PF massive defeats and subsequent complaints in the just ended by-elections against their ill motives of wanting to reach the desired 106 two-third majority seats in parliament that will allow them to manipulate the constitution and other laws.

Otherwise it is not the first time candidates whose seats had been nullified are being allowed to re-contest.

In 2006 PF lost election petitions in similar manner in Mwansabombwe and Ndola Central but their candidates Samuel Chitonge and Mark Mushili were allowed to stand by Election Commission of Zambia (ECZ) under the same laws.

It is now clear for all to see the reasons for PF to block critical media such as the Zambianwatchdog because they are people who will never accept defeat in any future elections despite them being in the forefront bribing voters during elections.

In Feira and Livingstone by-elections, president Sata and Guy Scott were openly offering cash bribes at campaign rallies and in churches, the same offences that led to the nullification of opposition seats.

It is now not clear what the disorganized opposition will do with only a few hours to go before filing in of nominations are done, but they have a few options.

First one is to go ahead and file-in as per ECZ directives and observations and ignore the stupid statement from Madam Chibesakunda’s office since it is not a court ruling but a mere press statement, most likely written by dull lawyer Wynter Kabimba who has never won a single court case and has never won a single election even within his party.

Secondly is to completely boycott any elections now and in future and opt for Egyptian style street protests asking for the removal of Sata’s auntie disgraced Chibesakunda as they are dealing with a bunch of rulers that will never accept defeat and give up power without bloodshed.

The third and more urgent option is to do both moves with more vigour not just crying and complaining through press statements and conferences.

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