PF won on lies, everything is worse now

By Edwin Sakala
Winter Kabimba Secretary General of the Ruling Patriotic (PF) should not cheat himself to believe that his Organisation won the 2011 tripartite election because it was popular. That assumption is far from being the truth. The just ended elections in which the former ruling Movement for Multiparty Democracy was defeated was won through deception. The Party Mr. Kabimba claim won the election because it was popular lied to the people Zambia.
It made the people to believe that it had the capacity to change the status quo of things in the country.
The PF lied to the people that it was going to fill the void created by the MMD in its 20 year rule. It promised people to address the challenges of youth unemployment, rampant corruption that have maimed all the public sectors, create more jobs and would ensure that every pocket would have hold a coin. Above, the PF promised to bring sanity in the country by correcting all the wrongs that had gone on. All these were to be done within the first ninety days of the PF in power.
Regrettably, ten months down the line, nothing has changed. Apart from an improvement in quarrelling with the opposition political parties especially with the United Party for National Development (UPND) and MMD, there is nothing new. Sometimes people we speak to regret having voted the PF in the just ended elections.
The greatest regret in the life of the Zambian people is the stole of all the projects which the former ruling party left. The road projects which were paid for have stalled, corruption seem to be on a rise, the transformation of the civil service into a “spoilt system,” and the invasion of the ruling party into government to the extent that the PF Secretary General, Winter Kabimba, is slowly transforming himself into a Chief Government Spokesperson. The national media has become a monopoly of the PF the only coverage those of us can expect is if insulted or called names.
What Mr. Kabimba is doing is what led the people of Zambia to reject the one man rule of Dr. Kenneth Kaunda in 1991. The PF Mr. Kabimba is claiming to have gain popularity is warring out like an over used chitenge material. If elections were to be called today, Mr. Kabimba would be surprised to see how people PF can kiss the dust. Just in case Mr. Kabimba think we are cheating, let president Sata resign his position and call for fresh elections. He will be surprised to see how people reject the party and its leadership.
A good example is the just ended by elections where his party suffered a massive defeat in two constituencies. If the PF had done what it had promised the people by a fraction, the people could have given the party a benefit of the doubt. They could have given them a vote but this did not happen. It is too early for the ruling party to lose by-elections. The loss was an indicator that it has lost the grips the party thinks it has in constituencies.
There is only one reason why the PF can be rejected in the event that elections was called today is because they have failed to fulfil all the campaign promises. Jobs for young people which characterised the 2011 election campaign have not been created, corruption the party claimed was had reached an alarming level in the other governments has been embraced by the PF to the extent that, the entire government is filled with people closer to the president in terms of relationship and friendship. This situation is not safe for the country. It destroys the very moral philosophy which make united as a united people of Zambia.
It is morally wrong for Mr. Kabimba to begin opening the healing wounds of the people of Zambia by reminding them of how the PF cheated them. If he has nothing to tell the people of Zambia, the best thing he can do is to keep quiet and leave those who have something to say speak. It will not do him good to remind the people of Zambia how he cheated them. Kabimba was not anywhere closer to the people that formed the PF which he is destroying with insolvency and arrogance.
Under the MMD Zambians heard of projects and even we in the opposition were not gagged the way it is today. We participated in politics freely but now all the advances made in growing democracy have faded away as the country is drawn back to the UNIP like politics of one party system. The conduct of the media in the country bears clear testimony to this new culture of killing democracy.
The author Edwin Sakala is theNational Coordinator Zambia Direct Democracy 

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