PF won’t stop me from mobilising support – HH

PF won’t stop me from mobilising support – HH

UPND President Hakainde Hichilema has vowed never to stop party mobilization activities across the country despite many attempts by the PF Government to stop him.

The UPND Leader has called on party members to continue mobilizing the party at all levels saying there is not time for holiday especially with the current economic situation that requires their urgent intervention.

Mr. Hichilema says he has said it before that the country has numerous challenges that needs all to widely share ideas adding that stopping them from holding meetings like was the case on Friday in Kafue is certainly not one of the solutions that the country needs at the moment.

He says what is even worse is that PF members have continued having meetings in different parts of the country some busy campaigning in the guise of inspecting government projects.

He has disclosed to QFM News in a statement that in their meetings with traditional leaders, the clergy, and business community in Kafue before they were rudely interrupted, they learnt a lot on what is actually required to revamp the ailing economy and the urgent needs for economic diversification programmes that will create decent jobs for people especially the youths.905676_987843751297780_5018365901328552374_o

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