PF you are breaking my heart


Let me first confess that I voted for PF in 2011 and 2016. I was excited for change (which I thought would be for the better). Fast forward, in 2014 I was accepted at UNZA and was a receipient of 100% loan from the Buraries Committee. I completed last year and graduated with a credit. What saddened me while at UNZA was PF’s ‘wisdom’ to scrap off meal allowances and reduce the number of BC receipients. I was appalled and saddened that a party I helped come to power because of being pro-poor could ‘Judas’ me like that. I was in denial so I succumbed to their below par rationale. Bear in mind that without the same BC I would have not seen the light of the highest learning institution and without the meal allowances they scrapped off from my juniors I probably would have not survived. Initially, I applied for Economics but ended up changing it to law because I was never a fun of Math. However, it does not take a genius to understand the consequences of over borrowing and investing. I saw the party I helped put in power start over borrowing (which country does not borrow, I reasoned) however, this money was being channeled to infrastructure development (we need better roads and malls, mediocrity got the best of me). On the other hand, I saw less prospective students being denied the right to education because there was not enough money to give BC; conversely, money to buy finished fire trucks worth $42M was there. Money to give cadres and musicians was there. How can a pro-poor government make it’s citizens dependent instead of empowering them by giving them the basic right of education which in turn will benefit the same government through tax collection (Napsa, PAYE etc)? This relationship is becoming toxic (I thought to myself). Fast forward, I have friends who graduated before me and can not find meaningful employment. 3 years after graduating from the highest learning institution and they are still wallowing in poverty and have become a laughing stock of society. Mind you, society is not kind to unemployed graduates; it makes them feel stupid and unworthy. Then I wonder, does PF know that the youths outnumber senior citizens who may be comfortable and benefit from them? Do they know that we are angry and hungry? Do they know that angry and hungry youths cannot have amnesia even if they made the best campaign song in the history of Zambian music? Before I could even finish my questioning thought process, power just cut (05:30) and may be back latest at 21hrs. How did I get it wrong? How can we as a people be taken this for granted in the 21st century. My heart feels betrayed and bleeds. I won’t even mention the dollar or fuel prices (other prices included) because it is very depressing. I am even unable to provide for my mother who struggled for and I don’t know how long she is left with on this Earth. Ba PF sure 😓

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