PF youth leader urges removal of Northwesterners, Lozis, Tongas from govt

PF youth leader urges removal of Northwesterners, Lozis, Tongas from govt

Remove all Tongas, Lozis and North-Westerners remaining in Govt – PF Youth Leader

Maxwell Chongu, the PF Cadre known for violence has demanded that all the Tongas, Lozis and North Westerners remaining in Government must be flashed out.

He is saying that people from Southern, NW and Wastern provinces in management positions of government institutions may start frustrating government efforts..

Below is a startment
Here’s how outrageous it can all be:
Good morning fellow countrymen and women, comrades from the Patriotic Front Party, all protocols observed.
As a PATRIOTIC FRONT PARTY DIE HARD am not comfortable with certain government institutions and their composition of management, lest we want to allow massive infiltration by the opposition in government institutions equipping them with political and economical armour that they will use to defeat us come 2021.
Truly speaking we need to be on the look out with massive infiltration of the opposition in government institutions because if such is left unchecked then we shall be seeing deliberate high levels of incompetence and gross professional misconduct aimed at frustrating government efforts in developing this nation.
Zambia is made up of 10 provinces and management of any organization has to balance and not having roughly 60% plus from opposition strongholds namely southern, northwestern and western province to me i strongly smell a rat with such composition of management.
To substantiate my claims allow me to pick one big government institution and its composition of management NAPSA so you can judge for yourselves fellow countrymen and women.
YOLLARD KACHINDA – Director General (lunda).
MASON MWIINGA – Director Contributions (Tonga)
LYDIA CHILUMBA- Authority Secretary(Lunda)
RONNIE KAMANYA-Director strategy (kaonde)
PHILLIP MUYUMBANA-Director projects(Lozi)
BETTY MELEKI- Director HR(Nsenga)
CHISHALA TEMBO- director Finance (Bemba)
GRED NSOFU -IT Director(Bemba).
ZEPHANIAH MPOFU- Area Manager Livingston (Tonga).
TIMOTHY KABANDAMA- Area Manager western ( lunda)
ELIJAH MAHAMBA- Area Manager northwestern(lunda)
NAMILUKO MUSHOKE – Area manager Kitwe(lozi)
VICTOR HACCUMA- Area Manager North (Tonga)
MOONGA HABANJI- Area Manager Lusaka (Tonga)
DONALD MAUNDU- Area Manager Ndola(Tonga)
BERCKINGSTONE MISWALO Area Manager Luapula(lamba)
KENNEDY KALANDANYA- Area Manager Eastern (bemba)
LEKANI BANDA- Finance(nsenga)
SIMUWANA MUDENDA- Station Manager Lsk A(Tonga)
MABVUTO MUMBA- Station Manager Lsk B(nsenga)
OSTER HALUTAKA- Station Manager Mazabuka(tonga)
CONARD SILUYA Station manager Choma(Tonga)
DANIEL KANGWA Station manager monze(bemba)
GOSHEN CHOTA- Station manager kafue(bemba)
GIDEON SITUMBEKO Station manager chingola(lozi)
DANIEL MPOROKOSO – IT Manager (bemba)
TAPEYA PHIRI- Regional manager south(nsenga)
CHISHA MUSONDA- Regional manager north(bemba)
MAUREEN MAKAYI- station manager petauke(from chipata)
SYLVESTER PHIRI Senior contributions officer (nsenga).
Surely with such composition of management i wouldn’t be surprised if our people are being victimized on a daily basis for supporting the Patriotic Front Party for the composition of management is not well balanced.
Why take a bemba and throw them in southern province?
But if you look carefully lundas, Lozi’s , Tonga’s are strategically positioned in areas which speak their language.
We seriously need to wake up or we might think we politically and economically tough on the ground as a party pf only to find that we are equipping our friends in opposition with both political and economical muscle whilst remaining with nothing but butter feet that might easily melt come 2021.
As members of the ruling party pf let’s all be vigilante in all areas to avoid setbacks remember we not only fighting the opposition but cartels and economic hardships that has rocketed the grassroots hence the need to always be awake from any political threat to the party pf.
Please note that these sentiments in no way do they represent the official position of the party pf but purely my own personal views.

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