PF youth official suspected of strangling to death Kabwe girlfriend

PF youth official suspected of strangling to death Kabwe girlfriend

A 27 year old single mother of Kabwe’s Zambia Railways police camp has been murdered and neighbours and family members suspect a PF youth official only known as Noah who was boyfriend to the deceased to be behind the heinous murder.

The body of Linnia Chifwale, who was employed as a cashier at Kabwe’s shoprite store was found lying in her bed at house number 17 Zambia Railways police camp by her live-in maid with some white substance oozing from the nose, she is suspected to have been strangled and some further injury caused to her private parts.

Her maid Jenniffer Mwape told journalist at the funeral home that around 23:00hrs on Wednesday, Noah had called Linnia to inform her that he was coming to see her and after the family went to sleep, they heard a knock and when Linnia asked who it was, Noah identified himself and Linnia opened the door for him.

IMG_1872[1]“We just heard a knock and Ba Linnia opened the door after Noah told her that it was him and he entered, but in the morning we were surprised to find the exit door open and when I wanted to wake her up for work I found her breathless and then I called the neighbours who suggested we call the police,” said Jenniffer.

Linnia’s sister, Esther Muuka and neighbours also confirmed that Noah was a boyfriend to her sister and that a few days ago they had some squabbles as Noah suspected the deceased to have been having an affair with another man.

Noah is an a PF youth official in Kabwe .¬†Sources at Chowa police confirmed the murder but said they have not yet effected an arrest. “Yes, we got news of the murder but we have not yet arrested anyone as investigations are being carried out,” said an officer from the CID section.

Meanwhile Katondo Chirwa ward PF councillor Collins Musonda has condemned the death of Linnia and has asked for thorough investigations and ensure that the culprit is brought to book. “It is sad and costly that a young and vibrant lady has been killed in such a cruel manner, the police must bring this murderer to book,” said Musonda.


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