PF Youths to report Andrew Chellah to ACC

PF Youths to report Andrew Chellah to ACC


Angry PF youths to report Andrew Chellah to DEC, ACC

Some angry Patriotic Front (PF) youths have vowed to report Special Assistant for Projects Implementation and Monitoring Andrew Chellah to the Drug Enforcement Commission (DEC) and the Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC).

According to the youths, it is mostly corruption that made President Lungu lose elections and it is those who worked around him who soiled his name thereby making him lose the elections.

According to angry PF youths who spoke to The Candidates, Mr. Chellah was the main henchman who facilitated deals for Valden Findlay and some other tenderprenuers in the PF administration.

“We used to warn these crooks about their greed and their dealings. Andrew Chellah was at the center of it, from controlling all monies released by the treasury, to micro managing everything of Valden Findlay’s allies! Imagine even when treasury releases money for payment of suppliers and contractors at Ministry of Health, Andrew Chellah is the one who used to decide who gets paid and how much. This was the exact same trend across all Ministerial payments and tendering processes,” one angry PF youth told The Candidates.

“We are reporting all the contracts given under Kafubu water which was given to John Chilupula of Jotech worth $6m, Mark Mushili of Marks Motorways worth $10m and other similar contracts to Bwana Mukubwa Independent MP Warren Mwambazi, Kabushi PF MP Bowman Lusambo and losing PF Roan candidate Nathan Chanda. If it was above board they must not worry. We also know the contracts given to Charles Ntinda of Shachitari Contractors, and Jonda, Justin Mpanga Ya Mambwe of Norwood, Horizon Contractors, Vibrant, contracts given to criminals working with Andrew Chellah and Valden Findlay at NAPSA and Ministry of Housing, contractors like Royal Kents and Makhulu Investments. There are also dirty deals for Chanda Katotobwe of Tomorrow investments and Kunda Chani of Kavar Engineering”

Meanwhile, the youths have asked the Permanent Secretary at the Ministry of Mines Mr. Barnaby Mulenga to explain his role where ZCCM-IH allegedly gave special treatment to Ugandans and Sudanese by basically surrendering the processing of Gold to foreigners.

“PS Mines must also explain his involvement in the black mountains”, said the youths.

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