PF’s 1st year in government a joke, says Miyanda

PF’s 1st year in government a joke, says Miyanda

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By Speedwell Mupuchi
Thu 18 Oct. 2012, 10:00 CAT
Brigadier General Godfrey Miyanda says the Patriotic Front government’s first 12 months have been a joke as there was failure by the leadership to steer their boat properly.

In a statement analysing the PF’s first year in government,
Brig Gen Miyanda said it was a relegation of national responsibility for some opposition leaders to want to appear “nice” to the PF regime.

“I disagree that the PF must be given a chance to carry out their mandate. This approach introduces a diversionary angle as it distracts the public from raising the real issue of the ’90 Day ruse’ which achieved its intended purpose but is now disowned by its PF foster parent,” Brig Gen Miyanda said.

“It is especially more important for opposition leaders to take an aggressive though not destructive stance to jolt the blubbering PF to wake up and change course. Regrettably some of the opposition leaders seem to want to be seen and heard to be politically correct, in a way that is becoming confusing and ambivalent as one cannot tell whether they are actually opposition or are mere sound boxes for the PF.”

Brig Gen Miyanda accused the PF government of inconsistency in policy pronouncements.

“There was an election pledge to expel the Chinese from Zambia, which many suffering Zambians believed and voted for the PF. After winning the election, President Sata quickly took over the Chinese from the MMD in unexplained circumstances. We are entitled to speculate that the very honey that President Sata alleged was being enjoyed by the MMD as their reason for aligning themselves to the Chinese is now being gulped by the PF!” he stated.

And Brig Gen Miyanda said the timing of the registration of sim-cards was highly suspect and must be reversed or suspended.

He stated that implementation of the plan had a tendency to compromise privacy and makes relevant constitutional safeguards on privacy moribund.

“Additionally, with the selectiveness and vindictiveness that has manifested under the PF regime, business opportunities will be in jeopardy because of the selective manner in which the first 90 days were carried out. Company secrets will not be safe; even court matters will not be spared…” he stated.

Brig Gen Miyanda described as ominous President Sata’s declaration that there was nothing wrong with the public order Act.

“If the PF does not rescind or suspend the sim card exercise, I would personally advocate for a class action so that many citizens join as litigants to stop this unjustified erosion of our constitutional rights. This scheme must not be implemented, certainly not under the presidency of President Sata,” he stated.

Brig Gen Miyanda also dismissed the constitution-making process saying, “it is clearly partisan, is manipulated, is compromised, lacks credibility and above all has no legal backing – in short it is a waste of time and public funds”.
And Brig Gen Miyanda criticised President Sata for not addressing the nation since he took office on September 23, 2011.

“His silence has created fertile ground for speculations. For instance, the rumpus that followed the recruitment of soldiers into the defence force led to serious allegations not just of corruption but that the PF party recruited into the military those on pre-determined lists of PF members. There are even allegations that there is a parallel security system juxtaposed between the PF’s party security (as happened during MMD early days) and the official defence and security systems,” he stated.

“If this be so, it is dangerous. But what is the truth? We do not know because the captain of the boat has refused to address us, though he found time to travel to address the United Nations.”
Brig Gen Miyanda also said President Sata regularly lambasted president Rupiah Banda’s travels within and outside Zambia.

“Yet the first lady has made so many trips in the few months of the regime that may have surpassed that of the President and those who are employees of the State,” he said. “President Sata’s uncharacteristic silence has led to speculation about the humanitarian activities of the first lady because of their frequency and regularity.

Without disparaging our latest Mother of the Nation, Zambians should ask and expect to get answers to the following: what are the specific duties that the first lady is carrying out and is this a full-time occupation? What is the budget line for those activities?

Who or what institution is financing her trips? Is it State House, Ministry of Health or the University Teaching Hospital (UTH)? Is she travelling as a UTH or State House doctor? “To which department does she belong and to whom does she report? What is now the status of her substantive duties at the UTH as a doctor?”

Brig Gen Miyanda said the media was making a positive mountain of Dr Kaseba’s activities.

“Are we being prepared for a time when the PF will officially introduce the office of the first lady? Should philanthropic activities be the reason for incurring additional costs by a regime that pledged to reduce the cost of running government? All these run counter to the PF pledge to reduce the cost of running government and calls for public scrutiny and debate,” he stated.

Brig Gen Miyanda also alleged there was unprecedented increase in tribalism and regionalism created by and under the PF regime.

He also condemned what he referred to as indiscriminate dismissals of citizens from government jobs, which was more pronounced in the diplomatic service.
Brig Gen Miyanda said he does not subscribe to the 90-day PF fantasy.

“Unfortunately, lies do get votes because people trust their leaders and believe those lies until the leaders are caught with their pants down as is the case now,” he said. “This is a total PF failure in spite of spirited efforts to cover it up. The failure is not having failed to create jobs in 90 days, but refusing to admit that they promised milk and honey in 90 days.”

He stated that the PF leadership was guilty for not admitting what needs to be admitted and for not apologising where there was need to do so.
He also criticised President Sata for openly rebuking defence and security service chiefs in public.

On President Sata’s address to Parliament, Brig Gen Miyanda stated it was a dismal flop.

“Hon Michael Kaingu was right to tear the paper because the President did not read the speech in Parliament. We saw him speaking off the cuff and incoherently passing over papers as though he had read them,” he stated.

“The so-called humour or joke about Hon Fackson Shamenda’s first name was completely out of order and should have been so ruled, except perhaps for the Speaker’s respect for the Office of President. MPs should have boycotted debating a speech that was not delivered in Parliament; if anything all of them should have emulated Hon Kaingu who should never have apologised for tearing it up.”

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