PF’s Crooked Sansakuwa Must Not Come Back to UPND


I want to express my shock to learn that Mr Kadansa Sansakuwa who is the current PF Northwestern Provincial Vice Chairman wants to come back to UPND after being queried about the equipment he crookedly ran away with after the 20 January 2015 Presidential election.

This will send a wrong signal to our great Party. This man cannot be trusted. He is in politics for self fulfilment and not service. This the man who got money and t-shirts from both RB and Nevers Mumba at the same time when the two were fighting. He went to Nevers and pledged loyalty and he was given K100,000. He again went to RB and did the same, he was given K150,000. All these monies he pocketed yet dumped the t-shirts in Solwezi for both.

Later on RB and Edgar Lungu started working together, he went there again and he was given K100,000. And this time he was masquerading as MMD provincial chairman when in fact not. Immediately RB and Edgar left, when election campaigns heightened, he came to our Party the UPND President Hakainde Hichilema where he collected over K270,000 over a period. He only used less than K50,000 and pocketed the rest. Immediately after the elections, he went back to Edgar Lungu and demanded a lot of things but it appears President Lungu could not trust him anymore that is why a young man by the name of Chiyiri was appointed as chairman for PF instead of him. We are told he wanted to be Permanent Secretary, District Commissioner and Provincial Chairman at the same time.

Now UPND gave this man our very powerful P.A. system that should have been retained every after election campaign and all we wanted was for him to return the P.A system. We did not want to embarrasss him on the money issue because we have established how he is. He loves money too much. My grandfather Chief Ingwe in fact said all the kaonde Chiefs rejected his name when they were asked if he could become PF provincial chairman because he had squandered a lot of money for Nsakwa yaba Kaonde to which he is National Vice Chairman. It appears he has sold our P.A system for the Party. We took him to the Police last Thursday where he pleaded that he was still coming back to UPND and that we should not embarrass him. We have also learnt while we were at the Police that he hid an MMD vehicle which he has been using as his. he has failed to get from the Solwezi CEntral Policfe after it was impounded for a traffic offense. It belongs to MMD the Police have confirmed.

I was shocked when I heard that he wants to come back to UPND and that he was traveling to Lusaka to meet our Secretary GEneral Hon Stephen Katuka. He said he just wanted to cause confusion in PF so that the Party can be weak and then he comes back to UPND. I have just been told that he has failed to meet Hon Katuka because of the funeral of the late Deputy Secretary General Mr Simusamba. I cannot trust him. He is a double dealer. Please I urge our leadership to tread with him very careful.

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