PF’s Excuse for Blocking Banda’s Travel is Contemptible, Says Amsterdam

Following the Zambian government’s blatant violation of the law when immigration authorities illegally prevented former President Rupiah Banda from traveling to Kenya despite a court order allowing the trip, a government spokesperson has issued a statement attempting to whitewash their unlawful conduct.

According to the statement by Deputy Minister for Broadcasting and Information Mwansa Kapeya, the authorities chose to violate the court order because the time of former President Banda’s flight would arrive after the swearing-in ceremony of Kenyan President Uhuru Kenyatta.  However, what Mr. Kapeya neglected to say was that former President Banda had been invited to the post-inauguration dinner at Kenya’s State House, and was only delayed in his travel plans due to the government’s refusal to return his passport promptly despite the decision from the court.

Former President Banda’s international lawyer Robert Amsterdam issued the following statement in response:

“Mr. Kapeya’s statement is contemptible in and of itself.  The Zambian immigration authorities have behaved illegally in this case, and were clearly pressured to do so by a weak and terrified old president who is aware of his own failing credibility.  This has absolutely nothing to do with anything that Banda has done; instead it is yet another sign that the whole affair is turning into a political fiasco.

“There will come a day soon when the bureaucrats who are asked by the ruling party to behave illegally will have to carefully consider the future consequences.  It is a deeply shameful thing to see people like Mr. Kapeya making lame excuses for the criminal conduct of his superiors.  The immigration authorities have no right to override court orders, period.  A state that does not recognize the powers of its own courts does not remain legitimate for very long.”


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    bt mwandi we are watching

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    Twabwela 5 years

    But mwandi ba PF apa pena they have made a mistake. The Court order was clear. Inauguration of a president is not a two hours event….there are many other activities on the sidelines (parties, round table discussions etc). Surely, RB would have not run away – even if he would have run away – that would have vindicated the PF and it would have added to their image in the world. Someone some how panicked and made a wrong decision.

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    kalulu 5 years

    this satan’s govment z ful of hate,vengeanc,no direction 4 devlopment bt draging us to colonial era as he hz continued apointing old politicians who jst cares 4 their bellis.shame on u band of old men who

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    Mr Armsterdam has truely spoken of the right things concerning the THREE BRANCHES OF GOVERNMENT. If one body does not respect the other body then the system fails… how do you have a head of state chiping in like that? He has heads that govern those bodies of government.

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    Prime 5 years

    Amsterdam, I believe you write this because all self respecting people should understand that RB is innocent until proven guilty at the moment. Point taken. An alternative piece of advice, and one which may be difficult to understand by those who are deeply involved in the matter, is that it might be a better show of integrity for RB to have turned down the invitation to travel until he is cleared of the corrupt charges he is now facing. This is standard procedure for one to step aside from the international limelight until your image is fully restored. Of course I am alive to the fact that this is only possible in mature democracies where the rule of law obtains because political systems are sufficiently mature. In the Zambian situation, it is rather difficult to extract truth from a given scenario. In other words there many forms of truth in Zambia, depending on whose interest one serves!

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    Z.K 5 years