PF’s Frank Bwalya takes his bitterness to Post owner Fred Mmembe’s old mother

PF’s Frank Bwalya takes his bitterness to Post owner Fred Mmembe’s old mother

Frank Bwalya

Frank Bwalya

Failed and rejected former Catholic Priest Frank Bwalya who is desperately looking for a job from President Edgar Lungu has now directed his verbal diarrhoea at Post newspaper Editor Fred Mmembe’s mother Ms. Florence Sibeso, calling her an agent of hatred and malice against Lungu.

Frank Bwalya has further advised the old lady to try and call President Lungu so that she can sample his gentleness and hopes that afterwards no one will poison her mind and heart against Lungu.

We hereby reproduce the story of as reported by Richard Sakala’s pro PF Daily Nation newspaper……

Fred Mmembe has turned his mother Florence Sibeso into an agent of hate and malice against President Edgar Lungu in a scheme to fight his political war against the Head of State, Frank Bwalya has charged.

Fr. Bwalya said it was immoral for Mr. Mmembe to have chosen his mother to propagate hate messages against president Lungu under the guise that he (Mmembe) was a victim of death threats from the head of state.

In an open letter to Mr. Mmembe’s mother Ms. Sibeso, Fr. Bwalya says Mr. Mmembe has been undermining the leadership of President Lungu from the time the late President Sata fired his progeny Wynter Kabimba as secretary general of the PF and Justice minister.

Fr. Bwalya told Mr. Mmembe’s mother that the Post newspaper owner was angry that President Sata had fired Mr. Kabimba and given the positions of Secretary general of the Pf and Justice minister to President Lungu who was at the time minister of defence.

He said in the letter that it was unfortunate that Ms. Sibeso could accept to be used as an agent of hate and malice against President Lungu so as to champion the political interests of her son who was the image builder for Mr. Kabimba.

He said that it was unfortunate that Mr. Mmembe was attempting to poison his mother with the same hatred he had been harbouring against President Lungu and other prominent personalities in the country.

Fr. Bwalya said that he had decided to write to Mr. Mmembe’s mother after a story in which Ms. Sibeso was extensively quoted as saying that she was awaiting the death of her son at the hands of President Lungu.

“I wish to advise that President Lungu is a good man who would never harm your son Fred Mmembe. The truth of the matter is that your son has deliberately misconstrued what President Lungu said as part of his known hate propaganda aimed at demonising President Lungu who is God-fearing. I am therefore disappointed that Mr. Mmembe, your son has decided to use you as his mother as an agent of hate messages and nihilistic malice against Zambia’s humble President. It is immoral for Mr. Mmembe to involve you as a mother in his political battles.

At your age we all consider you as our mother and even President Lungu is your son and it is my humble appeal that you play the role of a mother and not fanning and promoting hatred”, Fr. Bwalya said.

He said that Ms. Sibeso is expected to be a unifier as a mother and not to promote hatred among the people, and advised that as a mother she had a duty to help people live in harmony and not to create imaginary wars.

Fr. Bwalya said that it was unfair for Mr. Mmembe to have elected to drag his mother into political battles whose sole agenda was simply to get state power and use it to balkanise the country and annihilate political enemies under the guise of fighting corruption.

“It is also my humble prayer that you will decide to phone President Lungu and sample his gentleness and should it happen that you succeed to speak to the President, I am sure that no one will succeed in poisoning your mind and heart against the head of state,” said Fr. Bwalya.

Source: Daily Nation newspaper, 22nd September, 2015.

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