PF’s hate speech against Tongas affecting other tribes too, Siakalima

PF’s hate speech against Tongas affecting other tribes too, Siakalima



The Patriotic Front is using the talk on secession of Southern Province to run away from real issues facing the nation.

Speaking on a Lusaka based local Radio station Tuesday morning, University of Zambia lecturer and special advisor to the UPND president Hakainde Hichilema, Douglas Siakalima warned that if President Lungu will not come to his senses as a head of state to put the hate speech to un end, the consequences will be bad and could affect the whole country.

He said the tribal attacks were not only affecting Tongas but where indirectly affecting other people throughout the country.

He said soon the PF will look for another topic to divert people from the problems that the country was facing.

Siakalima charged that the PF has only succeeded in fooling Zambians, beating and shooting people and load shedding.

On the load shedding by ZESCO, Siakalima observed that the power generation firm is expected to lose $380 million while it will spend $160 million on power imports. He stressed that this amount could have been used to invest in other sources of energy had there been good planning.

Siakalima said Zambia has 90 billion cubic litres of water going to waste annually and pointed out that this could be used for dams to produce more hydro power.

On the free fall of the Kwacha, Siakalima lamented that Vice President Inonge Wina recent told parliament that there was nothing government could do because Zambia was an import oriented economy with few exports.

He said Botswana was a desert but was exporting beef apart from diamonds and wondered why Zambia should have limited exports when the country has 40 percent of water bodies in Southern Africa.

He said annually 60 billion cubic litres of underground water is not utilised in Zambia while only 6 percent of the 42 percent arable land is cultivated.

Siakalima said the country has plenty of land, water and grass which can be used for animal husbandry and improve exports. He said Angola was a ready market as it was currently importing beef from Brazil.

He quoted the Bible that ‘in the midst of plenty a fool starves’ and said politically, in the midst of plenty a foolish government starves its people.


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