PF’s Jonas Chanda challenged on Bill 10

PF’s Jonas Chanda challenged on Bill 10


Dear Dr. Jonas Chanda, MP

Do you mean the same clergy participated in the NDF and yet the same clergy have disagreed with all but one recommendation from the NDF’s Bill 10? The only solution is for you to lie to the clergy that you will change Bill 10 after it passes Second Reading. If Bill 10 passes Second Reading, it will mean that it ready has the 2/3rds majority needed for the substance of the Bill to become law.

You see the deception from the PF? Your deception and treachery. We are appealing to MPs to ignore your assurances and machinations. The opposition and some good people in the PF caucus should ignore your lies and side with the people. If Lubinda means well, he should withdraw Bill 10 immediately. But he won’t. Because of his treachery and contempt against the people of Zambia.

We are not letting you continue with your lies.


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