PF’s new road map on constitution waste of more time, money – FDD

The roadmap by the PF Government to have partial amendments to the Republican Constitution is a merry go round that cannot guarantee the people a New Constitution, says opposition FDD.

FDD spokesperson¬†Antonio Mwanza says ‘on face value it looks attractive that the Government seem ready to amend the entire Constitution with the exception of Part Three that requires a referendum. However, the truth is that The Government’s Roadmap will further delay the whole process by allowing Parliament to start debating clauses that the people through the work of The Technical Committee already discussed and agreed upon.’

Mwanza said the roadmap further opens unnecessary and meaningless workshops to be carried out by the proposed Constitution Implementation Team.

‘As FDD we propose that let the entire Draft Constitution, with the exception of Part Three and Article 79 be taken to parliament for EXPRESS Enactment without further debates and deliberations. We cannot trust the current Parliament to defend the people’s submissions if they are allowed to start debating the contents. Parliament has let us down before. The Government’s Road map is reminiscent to the NCC Saga. It is meant to hoodwink the people into believing that this Government is committed to delivering a people driven Constitution,’ Mwanza said.

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