PF’s obsession with power now embarrassing

PF’s obsession with power now embarrassing

By Friday Kashiwa

Kenneth David Buchizya Kaunda sacrificed not only his life but that of his then young family, for the sake of liberating mother Zambia.

Young wife Betty and young children that he had to literally abandon for months and years, just to ensure that Zambia gained it’s Independence.

And that he managed to achieve, together with his equally determined, disciplined, focused and selfless comrades.

Kenneth Kaunda, went further on in playing a very prominent and pivotal role in the liberation struggle of other neighboring countries.

The Governments as well as Ruling Parties of these countries where KK played the pivotal and prominent role are now the ones remembering and appreciating his efforts more.

These are the countries now showing and showering love by honoring and mourning his death most profoundly and passionately than his own country’s political and traditional leaders’ hierarchy.

Because here in KK’s own country Zambia, the party in power, The PF’s main preoccupation and priority during his death is to retain power by all means.

By all means even for them to proceed with their campaigns through out the duration of KK’s funeral period, and most devilish even before his burial.

In the meantime, the main opposition and election main competitors, the UPND, through their President, Hakainde Hichilema have suspended all campaign activities during this mourning period.

What UPND and their President HH are demostrating and teaching other political desperados is unique and unmatched leadership.

UPND and HH have simply said:

Better to LOSE elections than to LOSE national values as well as one’s personal integrity and values.

Friday Kashiwa.

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