PF’s only ‘achievement’ in Western Province is arresting people over Barotseland Agreement

Sikongo MMD Member of Parliament Mundia Ndalamei has charged that the PF government has done nothing for the people of Western Province in the past four years apart from arresting them for merely reminding the government about the Barotseland Agreement of 1964.

And Ndalamei has charged that Western Province has not benefited anything from the link Zambia 8,000 road project.

Ndalamei told Parliament on Friday morning that some people from Western Province are in prison over the Barotseland Agreement issue which the PF voluntarily promised to honour when they were in the opposition.

He said the Province is a forgotten region under the PF government and pointed out that even in Nalolo District where Vice President Inonge Wina comes from local courts are still operating under trees. Parliament was told on Thursday that court buildings in Western Province (Nalolo in particular) will only be constructed in 2017.

He said the PF government wasted tax payer’s money by going to Mongu to conduct a ground breaking ceremony for construction of a stadium that had no contractor or funds.

Ndalamei said the site where the stadium is supposed to be constructed is now a bush and further observed that almost all school projects that were embarked on by the MMD government have been abandoned by what he called a ‘wasteful’ PF government.

He named some of the schools that the PF has failed to complete and open as Nakanya in Nalikwanda, Libonda in Liuwa and Sikongo boarding School in Sikongo.

Ndalamei further bemoaned that Liuwa has no road connection to allow tourists see Wildebeests in the Liuwa National Park. Liuwa witnesses the largest annual migration of Wildebeests in the world.

Meanwhile Ndalamei told the House that the PF government should declare a disaster in Western Province because people were now feeding on roots.

He said it was clear that the PF government has failed to deliver relief food to affected areas and stressed that they should quickly declare a disaster so that other people can come in to help. The PF government delivered 400 bags of maize to Sikongo when there was a local government election but has since abandoned the people.

Ndalamei said a 25 kg bag of roller meal was costing K150 in Mambolomoka while in Lueti the same was costing K130.

And Ndalamei has charged that Western Province has not benefited anything from the link Zambia 8,000 road project.

He named the roads under the link Zambia 8,000 that have not been worked on as the Sioma/Shangombo, Katunda/ Lukulu, Kalongola/ Kalabo, Luampa/Machile, Simungoma/Kaoma/Kasempa and Limulunga/ Lukulu roads.

‘None of these roads has started in the link Zambia road project and now President Lungu has directed that no more new road projects will be embarked on so Western Province has lost,’ Ndalamei complained.

He said the PF government will have no more lies to tell to the people of Western Province next year as the country will be going for general elections.

Ndalamei charged that the only road project in the region was the much talked about Mongu/Kalabo road which was initiated by the MMD government.



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