PF’s removal of fuel subsidies was very cruel and evil

By Nason Msoni

PF Removal of subsidies was extremely cruel and evil at best wicked. This policy has invariably driven our people into serious starvation and destitution.
At today’s prices thousands upon thousands of our people are going without food. Can any morally upright leadership justify the massive starvation of the Zambian people and go to sleep peacefully knowing very well that the majority of the overwhelming people have gone to bed without food?
It should really be shameful for government through the minister of finance hon. Alexander Chikwanda to admit that government has not made any savings as a result of the removal of subsidies. The legitimate question is where has the money gone to? Your government Sir with due respect had argued vociferously from a moral point of view that the removal of subsidies was meant for the benefit and alleviation of poverty amongst the poor people of this country. Further your government spent colossal sums of money in the form of travel allowances and subsistence allowances to unleash all hues of political functionaries touring country-wide to make a case for the removal of subsidies and explaining the underlying benefits of the policy decision to remove subsidies.
Can the President of the Republic Zambia His Excellence Mr. M.C.Sata explain through his infamous facebook page just how poor people have actually benefited from the removal of subsidies?
Arguably it would be disingenuous for any reasonable person to assert that the majority of Zambians are living on less than 1 USD per day that would be a little generous but rather the truth is that the majority of our people are living on less than a kwacha per day, implying nothing but just the grace of God.
Surely there must be a rational explanation why our hospitals are lacking essential life-serving drugs and are in such a dire appalling state when government had earlier claimed that the savings from the removal of subsidies was to be channelled towards the improvement of the entire social service delivery systems in the country.
We think surely the time has now come for the re-introduction of the enhanced social benefit system to cater for the most vulnerable sections and communities of our people. We can longer continue to pretend all was well with everybody. We also think it’s time to trim something from the fat cats getting more than their fair share especially those in government receiving too many freebies at the expense of the majority suffering poor people.
The gap between the rich and the poor Zambians forever just keep growing far apart leaving the majority poor to exist at animal level while those leaving in obscene wealth have taken advantage of their political influence peddling and connections to have lucrative contracts which in-turn gives them more than just what they need to the extent that they have the shameless courage and the temerity to use kapenta as manure to grow their potted plants and grass to show their classic elitist friends.

Yes you can fly first-class as you like and go for holiday and spend as much as you like unaccounted for public resources but please remember that whilst you enjoy your first class flying the majority of our people feel abandoned and left for dead and are at the mercy of market forces and are completely forgotten by your leadership that once-upon-time had promised them heaven on earth.
As you sprinkle water outside around your temporary house-state house please remember that the majority poor people can only admire the splashing and gushing water going to waste watering grass as they can’t even find a trickle of water running from their communal taps. Insansa sha bonse bane.

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